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Huffington Post Doubles down on Liberalism Despite Firing All Opinion Commentators

Huffington Post, notorious for its leftist take on everything (they don't really like conservatives over there), is undergoing a bit of downsizing....

Bias is a Two-Way Street

Bias is part of being human. Evidently, some conservatives have not got the memo that humans comprise the bureaucracy. Some bureaucrats detest stupidity and unworthy...

Punishing Sexual Misconduct: Corporations versus Public

Punishing Matt Lauer Wednesday for his alleged sexual misconduct, NBC swiftly fired him. NBC joined a growing list of corporations displaying no tolerance for sexual...

CNN Targeted by Trump

CNN (Cable News Network) has never been a favorite of President Donald Trump. On Saturday, Trump expressed his displeasure with the network on Twitter. [email protected]

Terror: Who Is It Good For?

Today’s London underground explosion seems to be another terror attack. The explosion reportedly injured 22 people. Also, this week we observed the sad anniversary of...

Trump’s Media Attacks: Unfair and Dangerous

President Donald Trump, angered by reactions to his Charlottesville remarks, unleashed a string of media attacks in his Phoenix speech on Tuesday. Trump targeted others...

Leaks: The Ugly and Bad/Good

Leaks are part of Washington's culture. Politicians and bureaucrats leak to media all the time. Historically, some of them have had huge consequences. Still, the...