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Maggie (2015) Review – A zombie film with a twist

“Dad, you’ve protected me all your life. Now it’s my turn to protect you. There is life with you, not with me. Don’t come...

The Rise of Celebrity Presence in Politics

Celebrity presence in politics may have been something that's cropped up rather recently for you. Maybe you noticed it, but current President of the...

Killing Gunther (2017) Review – Schwarzenegger’s return to Action

“Are you fucking kidding me? Who has an elevator in their house?” - Blake, Killing Gunther (2017) It’s always nice to branch into something new...

Predator (1987) Review – He got to the chopper

“I ‘ain’t got time to bleed.” - Blain, Predator (1987) This is another one of those classic films that you just have to watch. That...