Our Mission

Postard was created to level out the playing field in the media. All media agencies have a political agenda they’re trying to sell you while they simultaneously report the news. It affects how they write their stories and what information they tell you.

Some agencies will admit to these political affiliations, but most won’t in an effort to appeal to wider audiences and maintain the masquerade of neutrality. All humans have opinions. That’s a fact of life. It is foolish to pretend like we don’t – and even sillier to sell a product that claims it wasn’t shaped by a human being with their own opinion.

That’s why Postard is openly an opinion article website. We want to be honest with the people who read our content. Yes, we have an opinion – and it’s going to influence what you read. Postard’s writers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and hold many contrasting opinions – and they’ll make it known in their articles.

Our mission is simple: provide quality opinion articles from a wide variety of perspectives on everything our authors and readers are interested in. Above all, stay honest.

A Platform for Passionate People

As an opinion article website, Postard is uniquely positioned to offer writers all around the world a platform for their voices on topics that matter to them. Often, top writing talents are extremely restricted on how much of their own opinions they can inject into an article (that doesn’t fit the company’s narrative). However, at Postard, we believe that if an author can write an article that’s informative, entertaining, and constructively written, there’s no reason their articles can’t argue an opinion, too.

Our authors are liberals, conservatives, and everything in between. Postard doesn’t choose sides. If you have something to say and you’re good at saying it, we want you to write for us, regardless of your political affiliation. Learn more about writing for us here.

News articles should start a conversation and effect change in society where appropriate. That begins with the article itself; it should be written in a way that presents a reader with facts and allows them to come to their own conclusions. However, readers can still do that when they read opinion articles. Reading what other people think widens our own understanding of issues and gives us invaluable perspective.

Who Are We?

Postard is made up of writers from all around the world. Ultimately, we share one thing in common: We are passionate about our interests. We’re so passionate, in fact, that we’re going to share some of our passion with you through our writing.

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What does the name "Postard" mean?

“Postard” is nothing more than a catchy name.

Why are you an opinion website?

Because human beings have opinions, and denying that fact is incredibly dishonest.

Will you ever use advertising?

Like any business, we need to make money. When our audience grows, we will implement advertising to pay our operational costs and our writers.

Will content ever cost money?

This answer isn’t official, but we’re (heavily) leaning towards no. We want to provide people all around the world with quality articles on things that matter to them – and we want to do it for free. However, if our financial situation changes and offering subscription services for bonus content becomes valuable to our business and fans – we may decide to offer such services in the future.

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