Just as I thought I had finished with watching horrendous pieces of film that do not and will never hold any cultural value, I ended up watching Wild Child. A product of its chick flick endorsed time; director Nick Moore coasts his way through a predictably horrible chick flick. It should come as no surprise that the debut of Moore would lead to such classics as Horrid Henry: The Movie and Pudsey the Dog: The Movie. What a time to be alive. 

With a cast full of nobodies leading the charge through a cliché plot that shows Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) survive an English boarding school as her rebellious nature grows too much for her father. It’s the expected fish out of water storyline, where eventually these uppity leading characters makes makeshift friends and eventually gets the guy against all odds, growing comfortable with her new life. But disaster inevitably strikes (for a brief twenty minutes), and the leading character finds herself in peril. But of course, there isn’t much time to deliberate on the consequence or anything of the sort, so we’re back to the equilibrium in no time at all. 

Leaving my comfort zone when watching movies is something I always enjoy doing. I have seen hundreds of engaging and thoughtful pieces of media by exploring new veins of cinema that I would, at first, presume I hate. But the one genre that never manages to appeal to me is the chick flick. Presumably that’s because I don’t have a nostalgia for the genre that so many others hold, but films such as Love, Rosie and Mean Girls have provided ample amounts of entertainment even for someone that didn’t grow up watching them. In that case there seems to be no sort of quality control, with Wild Child throwing an unquestionably confusing and stupid narrative alongside dreadful writing that the cast simply can’t work with. 

A lobotomy would be much more bearable than this garbage. For those that grew up on this it’ll provide ample nostalgia fuel, but for those that have no inkling or interest in Wild Child it’ll prove a questionably horrible affair that provides nothing of merit, variety or intrigue. It’s like Mean Girls but without any of the character development, charm or credible acting necessary to pull off a film of that small a caliber. A film that can only be enjoyed by people that grew up watching it as a child. I feel like I lost brain cells watching this. 

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Wild Child
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