Watching through Neil Breen’s filmography with a small handful of friends has been such an oddly rewarding time. I mean that with no malice or humour either, it has truly been an eye-opening experience. Directors that genuinely believe their films to be great, despite the fact that their works are laughably bad, are so interesting to me that it’s hard not to look at I Am Here… Now and wonder what exactly director Neil Breen’s message is.  

Breen plays “The Being”, a Christ-like figure that is disappointed with how the world is turning into a capitalist state of gambling, abuse and drugs. He walks the streets of Las Vegas (I presume) and begins to see the problems of society. That would, in effect, be the plot of this movie if Breen knew how to work the camera, write a script or even act like a normal functioning member of society. To give credit where it isn’t due, Breen’s lacking ability to play convincing human characters works well here since he does play some sort of alien creature. But that’s about all that is right with his performance, an awkward blend of metaphors that highlight what Breen sees wrong with the world, but right with himself. 

He sees himself as a Messiah, and to be frank, he has the potential to be one. How he manages to write, star, produce, edit and cater such films is beyond the pale. He truly does have a cult like status to him, a flock of eager Breenians that will eagerly await his next disastrous sermon. I’m afraid to say I’m one of those people, and the sheer shock factor of how bad I Am Here… Now truly is makes me want a whole lot more of this style of filmmaking than I would ever truly need. 

It’s a wild ride from start to finish, and possibly the best work Breen has ever given us so far. His most iconic anyway, since it features a great deal of scenes that fans or those that mock his work will thoroughly enjoy. It’s a latenight movie if there ever was one, and to call it his best work so far feels like a bit of a backhanded compliment.  

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