9/11 was a tragedy that struck not just America, but the world. It shook us to our core, and that horrific act of terrorism unified a country, regardless of creed, colour or class. Americans everywhere offered their support during a time of national emergency, and one such offer of support came from actor Steve Buscemi. 

The actor, best known for his roles in hit cult movies like Reservoir Dogs and The Big Lebowski, offered his help when the Twin Towers were struck by a plane eighteen years ago today. Before becoming a hot shot actor, best known for playing slimy villains or repressed anti-heroes, Buscemi trained and worked as a firefighter. 

His celebrity status didn’t stop him from getting his hands dirty, aiding those in need at a time of great crisis. He can be seen on the far left of the image above, wearing a mask alongside fellow firefighters brave enough to risk their lives to save those that could still be alive, or those that needed to be recovered. Buscemi reportedly worked consistent 12 hour shifts for a week after the attacks, working alongside fellow firefighters in removing rubble and searching for bodies.

A former New York City firefighter, Buscemi donned his gear and headed out there with those brave enough to do so. An inspiration to his field in both acting and as an upstanding citizen, it’s rare to see such a blend of humility and care for the world. His characteristics are noteworthy, and his actions will have undoubtedly helped in a time that was bad for morale.

A tragedy that killed 2,977 civilians, the aftershock of 9/11 is still felt around the globe almost two decades later. We will never forget the actions that were taken on that day, and helpful acts from the likes of Steve Buscemi and ordinary heroes are the reason America managed to stick together through one of modern histories most harrowing moments.

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