If you tried to convince me that Twins would be a worthy comedy movie that makes the most of its surreal premise, then you’d be wrong in trying to do so. Because even though Twins has one of the most peculiar settings I could ever think of, it fails to do anything funny with it. Twinning up Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, while the two were at the height of their popularity, is a great idea. Its execution, however, is painful, boring and oddly slow paced.  

Executing the premise in the most convoluted fashion of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as Julius Benedict, a scientific experiment that gave them the “perfect child”. Julius eventually learns he has a twin, Vincent (Danny DeVito), and insists on going out to find him and rekindle their family bond. They soon learn more about one another, and in typical 80s tradition end up going on a road trip to figure out who their fathers are.  

By now you’ve probably clicked onto the fact that the main joke is in fact that Danny DeVito is a small man, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is, for lack of better wording, absolutely massive. The man can lift cars, Schwarzenegger, not DeVito. Most of the humour comes from DeVito’s inability to do strong things, and Schwarzenegger’s inadvertent absence of thought when it comes to dealing with life in America. His time in the land of the free shows how he deals with robberies, women and family, all with their own zany and unique styles. It’d be helpful, then, if director Ivan Reitman had produced anything with comedic value. 

Full of useless subplots that fill the quota for the 80s movie comedy with a slapped up romantic interest for both our leading lads. It’s by far the most cliché 80s comedy to come from this decade, building up a hefty bunch of lines that fail to deliver any comedic value whatsoever. The main joke of the movie gets old rather quick after Arnie has bashed a few bad guys with DeVito pretending to help. Unfortunately, Reitman and the rest of the crew involved with Twins don’t see how tired this joke gets, and a comedy film without laughs is completely worthless.  

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