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Google election meddling is influencing tens of millions of votes and interfering in US elections. To most people, it seems obvious that a company like Google with a bank account balance with more zeros than a drop out’s report card (but not more than Democrat presidential hopefuls) would have such power; they accept this fact as something benign.

However, a company with the ability to tilt the balance of power at all levels deserves a closer look. What does one see when looking closely at Google? Fairness? Honesty? Innovation? No. The company motto “don’t be evil” is maliciously or ignorantly disconnected from their actual actions as a corporation.

Partisan politics run the company from top to bottom. A 2016 video taken at a company meeting the day after the November 8th election shows Google executives crying on stage, defeated and devastated. “It was her turn!” According to Google, anyways.

Democrats were quick to complain about a Russian agency buying US $10,000 worth of Facebook ads for Trump AND Hillary, but are silent on the millions of American votes being changed by Google’s monopoly. That’s because they benefit.

Google election meddling does not help anyone or any party; the Democrats are enjoying a short round of favor with it – for now. But soon, once the biggest corporation becomes even bigger and decides that their donkey puppets are no longer dancing fast enough – who will take direct control of the reigns of power? Answer: The agency with enough dollars and technological influence to already be a country; one that exists in every state and every town in the country at the tip of a finger.

Russians aren’t the threat. Google is.

Project Veritas recently published over 900 pages of internal Google documents. The documents prove that Google executives and officers perjured themselves while swearing under oath that Google does not alter search results based on political beliefs and bias.

Postard is taking excessive risks publishing this kind of content; Google has been extremely vindictive with critics in the past. Many conservative websites, like Breitbart, are suppressed artificially within Google search results, thereby reducing their visitors and revenue. Postard is a company that exists for people to say what’s on their mind; we’re not exclusively conservative, but we won’t censor conservative speech, either. Please consider supporting Postard and help keep speech free.

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