Climate change is an undoubtably important issue, more so now than it was over a decade ago when An Inconvenient Truth released. Former U.S. Senator and current environmentalist Al Gore gives us a stern, cookie cutter warning about the growing dangers of climate change and its impact on the world as a whole. With graphs, a very large screen and some clips of pointless background information on Gore, he’s gearing up to explain to us just how dangerous climate change really is.

It’s a shame that this movie isn’t the most interesting. The impending doom that approaches us through global warming is captured very well. There are many basic graphs and figures that were new to me and were explained very well by the monotone vocalisations of Al Gore. There’s a Billy West short styled very closely to that of Futurama and that earned itself a few laughs.

Gore’s message is important, but his style of presentation could do with some work. A flourish or two would’ve gone a long way with this one. His presenting of hard facts is incredulous, and without fail garners some of the most interesting data and piles it up for us in one spot. Explained rather simplistically, simple enough that even I can understand it, and I barely scraped through my science courses at school.

If An Inconvenient Truth wasn’t broken up with pointless backtracking into the personal life of Al Gore, it would’ve been a much shorter documentary. When the facts are up on screen, it’s hard not to feel at least uneasy about the current situation our world finds itself in. As ever though, documentaries need to be padded out with needless meandering, bringing up intimate aspects of Gore’s life and how they indirectly caused his great interest in saving the planet.

As bold and enviously commendable Gore’s work in this field may be, An Inconvenient Truth doesn’t help the argument that science is pretty boring. Presented like a TED Talk before they got popular and intercut with meaningless off-topic studies, it’s one of the few documentaries that can pride itself on being fascinating and boring at the exact same time.

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