Cult movies can be quite polarizing at times. Personally, I find them quite endearing, and it’s nice to see how ahead of the times they were in regard to their cultural zeitgeist. They’re often right on the pulse of society and reflect modern problems like They Live. Sometimes they’re just a hell of a good time, with the likes of Withnail and I pooling together some great performances for an ultimately brilliant movie. But then there are films like Highlander, which pose no merit, interest or point to the world of film.

The Christopher Lambert led cult hit is a dud. A swing and a miss that follow the immortal Connor Macleod, a man who can speak in almost any accent. Either that or the inconsistencies of Lambert’s performance have led to some hilariously awful scenes. He’s really not the best actor on the whole though. He has the charm of a cheap sausage and the acting abilities of a sterile penguin.

It’s not just Lambert that utterly fails to provide anything of interest though. The usually incredible Sean Connery looks about ready to end it all in his role as Juan Sanchez, an Egyptian conquistador with a thick Scottish accent and an earring only Harrison Ford would ever contemplate wearing. It’s a thankfully painless Connery performance and he leaves the film rather soon after his first appearance in tremendously over-the-top and terrible fashion.

Speaking of terrible, that brings us nicely onto the direction. Russell Mulcahy is responsible for this abomination, and it makes sense that he’d make a movie so bad given he’s directed a Resident Evil movie. The stars most certainly align on this one being a stinker.

With a plot as farcical as you could expect of a French actor playing an immortal Scotsman, Highlander doesn’t use this wacky machoism to its advantage and instead flounders in swordplay, boosting its ego somewhat with a soundtrack written by Queen (one of the few positives of this movie). A really dull movie on the whole though, with a waste of Sean Connery and a plot so devoid of sense or enjoyment that it becomes a real slog to sit through it all.

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