Why I’ve not seen more Disney animated classics is no fault but my own. I have vague recollections of seeing scenes of The Lion King but I’ve not got enough memory of it to even fathom talking about it. But even then, that was the only experience I had with true animated Disney product. Sure, I’d seen the Pixar movies, but for some reason I’d never seen Aladdin

It’s a tremendous experience, even as I creep towards two decades on this hellscape we call a planet. Aladdin is the traditional Disney song and dance routine, but the added benefit here is a talented voice cast including Gilbert Gottfried and Robin Williams. Two talented comedians holding the film together with superb grandeur the whole way through.  

Aside from those two comedic powerhouses, the cast is strong enough; it’s filled with names you’ll never have heard of before. Their voices have since become iconic though, thanks to the cultural importance of the characters they portray. 

While I’m not one for musicals, even I can appreciate the iconic songs that are littered throughout the brief running time of Aladdin. The titular character has some pretty solid singing chops on him, so it’s nice that we get to spend several segments of enjoyable songs with him. Some of these songs even serve as character development for our protagonist and antagonist. 

It’s the antithesis of its genre, filing nicely under the traditional Disney formula. The only real change is that Robin Williams is there to provide some more comedic pieces every now and then. Not all of them hit as well as they should have, but they’re certainly enjoyable enough to pack a punch in a way that only Williams can manage.  

An animated feature can only be as good as its animation, and Aladdin seems set to prove it’s a visual delight. With a strong style of animation that blends continuity with childish antics, it’s a strong enough animated movie that drives the stereotypes of the genre further and further into the cultural zeitgeist. Alongside some unforgettable vocal performances, Aladdin is rightly remembered as a marvelous iteration of a classic Disney tale.  

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