An introduction into the filmography of alluring David Lynch was certainly well needed, and ever since Blue Velvet was added to Netflix it just seems like the right time to access some of his work. Considering the rumours and behind the scenes outcries I’ve heard about other works like Dune, I thought it’d be best to go head first into a movie that didn’t seemingly suffer from too many major difficulties. 

That brings us to Blue Velvet, a 1986 crime thriller starring Kyle Maclachlan as Jeffrey Beaumont, a private investigator in over his head after finding a severed ear. His investigation leads him on a wild goose chase that rapidly expands, overflows and implodes with extreme effect. The introduction of Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) does a superb job of keeping the tension rolling throughout the film. 

Her chemistry with Maclachlan is enough to create a very interesting dynamic throughout, made even better by Dennis Hopper’s incredulous villainy. Blue Velvet has a fair few terrifying and strange moment to it, they merely add to the charm of Lynch’s direction. Lynch’s direction is incredible, the film serves as a solid introduction to some unique camera shots, interesting cinematography and well-deserved acclaim. It becomes rapidly clear why he’s considered one of the best in the business.  

With that in mind, Lynch’s work with tension and build-up in the early parts of the movie is straight to the point and specifically admirable. The frequent utilisation of the titular song is brilliant, each time meaning something completely unique and different to that of its previous tones.  

Serving as an apparently good introduction those interested in Twin Peaks specifically, Blue Velvet is a creative and vigorous ambition that highlights the strengths of a prolific filmmaker. A superb cast work wonders with a simple script that goes from tepid drama to surrealist commentary in a matter of seconds. A difficult movie to review, especially since Lynch is an experience everyone will feel differently toward.  

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