An action movie starring Saoirse Ronan and Tom Hollander, who both do some pretty horrendous German accents for the entire movie? Sign me right the fuck up for this train wreck. Surprising as it may seem, Hanna isn’t a complete disaster. Dare I say, it’s actually quite good.

Enjoyable from the get-go, the opening twenty minutes may lead you to believe Hanna is a lot deeper than it actually is. But to save you from writing this one off as “yet another action movie”, there’s a lot of positives to take away from the experience.

Without a doubt the best part of this for me was that I got yet another fix of an incredible Ronan performance. My recent viewing of Lady Bird has encouraged me to view more of her cinematography, and I must say I’m impressed. Her performance in Hanna begs the question as to why they’ve yet to make a sequel. An intense action-oriented performance from an actor who I’d thought only as a dramatic oriented star.

It’s unfortunate then that given such a star-studded cast, the output of the supporting cast is lacklustre at best. Eric Bana’s role throughout the movie isn’t entirely explained and he just sort of mulls about killing the occasional guy or gal to keep up the pacing of the movie. Blanchett is a moderately strong villain, the face of a nameless corporation responsible for breeding super soldier children. I feel as if that’s the plot of Halo, but I can’t be too sure. Blancett’s performance is suitably villainous and actually rather fun, although a bit of a letdown towards the end of the movie.

Wright’s direction may not be the most impressive; but at least he’s able to get a strong bit of action across in just under two hours. Not the most interesting or unique story, and certainly some questionable choices in the editing department. Aside from those problems, Hanna is certainly a strong action movie that will appease fans of the genre.

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