As I’ve said once before, Paul Verhoeven is a genius behind the camera, and he has some really great films within his filmography. By that I mean I watched Starship Troopers a few days ago and thought it was great. I was lucky enough to have this recommended to me in a weekly roulette wheel I do – so thank you for this recommendation, I’ve not had this much fun since Commando.

Not only a fun action movie, but more of the same Verhoeven tropes I’m starting to become accustom to. His breaking up of the narrative with adverts for fictional products – this time the newscasters give us little tidbits of information regarding the plot. His way of explaining the setting is sublime, something that a lot of directors can’t really pull off all that well. By all means is the direction in Robocop the strongest of his work that I’ve seen so far.

With a memorable performance from Peter Weller as the titular character, the rest of the supporting cast do their best to create depth in what could’ve been a very droll action movie. The villainous Boddicker is an excellently written villain, one that really should’ve been given more of a motif than just to do whatever it is he was doing. To be quite honest I don’t remember, what I do remember though is the exceptional performance that Kurtwood Smith gives.

In fact, the majority of the performances throughout are impressive. My only problem really is the plot, with the whole “we must destroy the powers that be” plotline becoming somewhat of Verhoeven’s go to message for his movies. Nothing wrong with that though, especially considering it works so well here. It’s just a shame none of these villainous characters are memorable in the slightest.

As impressive as the 80s vibe is, Verhoeven’s Robocop is some of the most fun you could have with an action movie. Full of futuristic robotics, dystopian settings and a real unbelievability to it. Couple that with one of the most memorable action stars of the past few decades and throw in a few explosions, you’ve got yourself one hell of a movie. Pure entertainment, wholesome, murderous fun.

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