Michael Cohen is a total mess

It’s infinitely entertaining that the media complex is taking anything Cohen says seriously. The man was disbarred from practicing law and sentenced to years in prison for lying to the FBI. Suddenly, they think, he’s telling the truth? No, they don’t think that – but they want you to believe it. Michael Cohen has no credibility. He’s saying what Trump’s most vitriolic critics want to hear – and it’s big money and ratings.

But don’t be mistaken. Cohen’s testimony before the House Wednesday is nothing more than a spectacle to satiate the far left in Congress and across the country. There is no truth to his words nor will their be consequences for the targets of his fairy tales. It’s pure fiction.

The truth of the matter is simple and pitiful at this point. The Mueller investigation was setup by Hillary Clinton and her inner circle to distract from her epic loss and cover any crimes they committed (see Mueller destroying thousands of text messages between fired FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page). There hasn’t been a single indictment from Mueller’s team concerning so-called “collusion” (no such offense in 18 USC) or anything related to Russia. The two types of charges seen in this season of “Deep State’s Greatest Hits” have been tax and perjury related.

Mueller once told Congress that Iraq had nuclear weapons. We now know that to be an unmitigated lie

The lying is where Cohen comes in. As I explained last month, there is nothing Cohen could disclose that we don’t already know. That doesn’t mean he can’t make something up. I mean, he’s already going to jail. He might as well go to jail a hero of the left, even if every word out of his mouth is a lie. The truth doesn’t matter. Slanderous headlines is what it’s all about.

It’s worth mentioning that “lying to the FBI” is a crime prosecuted on a he said, she said basis. The only evidence of these crimes is the FBI’s infamous 302 form – interview notes. They can easily be altered. Read about fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s questionable character and an example of questionable FBI 302 forms. That’s why the charge is problematic, but Cohen was happy to go down knowing the fame and fortune that awaits those who write fiction books and tour the country after their time around president Trump and being fired or charged with unrelated crimes.

In other words, “lying to the FBI” is a perjury trap and it’s the main weapon being used by the Mueller team to justify their investigation with questionable if not outright fabricated charges. It’s also weaponized to intimidate political enemies – as is being done to everyone in Trump’s circle – in an attempt to isolate him from support. Because Trump is the president, when this stuff all comes out in black and white, there will be only one thing to call it: A coup d’etat (conspiracy and sedition).

Remember, Cohen is lying. Michael Cohen has no credibility.



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