Mitt Romney (R?-Utah) voted for two bills on the Senate floor Thursday – one to open the government with $5 billion dollars for a wall and another, a Democrat bill, to open the government until early February without border money. While both sides enjoy a pitiful game of playing politics, tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to pour into the United States every month and no one seems to care but the president. Illegal aliens take advantage of the United States and all citizens – Democrats and Republicans – have to pay for it. It cannot continue. Thankfully, the president won’t let it.

Mitt Romney’s betrayal isn’t a big surprise. His defection was expected much earlier by those paying attention. His op-ed that was slammed earlier this month testifies to his incessant need to be liked. That’s the thing Mittens doesn’t understand though. No matter what he does, he will never be liked. He’s little more than an airhead and corporate puppet who has no real morals and inspires no confidence or enthusiasm. The left and the right can agree that Mitt Romney is well past his best before date.

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What’s humorous here is the Republican hardliners in Utah who are acting shocked by this particular head of hair’s newfound enthusiasm for Benedict Arnold. Romney doesn’t like nor support the president or his agenda; he’s made that clear. The people of Utah who elected him are getting what they voted for. When the pressure comes down, Mitt Romney collapses flatter and faster than a ball of Play-Doh under a 100 ton press. He’ll throw anyone under the bus at the first opportunity for a dollar or two, or to inflate his ego.

President Trump needs allies in the Senate. Not that any bill without wall funding will pass the 60 vote filibuster, but a united front is better than a divided archipelago. Democrats were creaming their pants on Thursday to celebrate the six Republican defectors who voted for their temporary bill to reopen the government for all of two weeks. Murkowski and Collins spited the president in the Senate as usual and were joined by four other Republicans, including Mitt Romney, who voted for the Democrat bill (52-44).

In Mittens’ defense, he also voted for the bill to fund the wall, but said that after it failed (50-47), it was more important to get federal workers paid. It’s also important to note that the Democrat bill would only have funded the government through early February, and thus may have garnered more Republican support so those Senators could go to their constituents and say “hey, look at me, I’m helping those poor furloughed workers” without completely abandoning the party.

Representatives and Senators continue to use the furloughed federal employees as a shield for their motives and/or lack of principle. It’s the current Congressional scapegoat. Everything they do that’s politically controversial becomes “necessary for those poor unpaid workers.” It is really something else to watch. Instead of mentioning those people so often, why not do something about the situation the United States currently finds itself in and fix it? Trump got elected to build the wall. He will not and should not compromise on that promise. And while we’re on about people being negatively impacted, what about the tens of billions of dollars illegal aliens cost the United States every year? Surely that too is a grave emergency requiring immediate attention?

Mitt Romney could learn a thing or to about commitment and integrity from the president, but there isn’t any money to be made in those things, so he’ll likely just ignore it. In the meantime, the country is going nowhere fast.

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