Nancy Pelosi looking nasty as Trump speaks during the 2018 State of the Union

Blink and you’ll miss it. That’s how fast the punches are flying in the nation’s nastiest fight, Trump vs Pelosi. It seriously escalated Wednesday afternoon when Trump released a letter informing the Democrat Speaker of the House that he would be honoring her earlier invitation and giving his State of the Union Address, as is tradition in modern history, in the House of Representatives. Trump added, “It would be so very sad for our Country if the State of the Union were not delivered on time, and very importantly, on location!”

Nancy fired back, writing a letter a couple hours later “informing” Trump that the SOTU will not take place in the House of Representatives because she refuses to bring a resolution to the floor authorizing it. Both chambers of Congress are required to pass such a resolution annually to authorize a joint session of Congress for the State of the Union.

The Capitol rotunda

We already talked about how Nancy Pelosi is not a parallel power to Trump, and how Trump epicly grounded her mid-shutdown escape flight to Europe, but I’ll summarize her powers again (by the way, why was Nancy Pelosi trying to leave the country in the middle of a government shutdown she complains about daily?). The US government is composed of three equal parts: The executive, of which the president is the designated single authority (his secretaries and all agents of the United States receive their power through him), the legislature, and the judicial branch. As a US Representative (D-California), Nancy Pelosi is 1/435 (how many US Representatives there are) of 1/2 (how many chambers of Congress there are) equal to the president. As the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi controls parliamentary procedures on the House floor. That’s it. She has no exceptional authority outside of the House floor as Speaker.

This openly political posturing follows the embarrassing collapse of Nancy Pelosi’s lame excuse last week that the US Secret Service was unable to protect the State of the Union during the shutdown. The USSS publicly refuted her erroneous claim, and added that Nancy Pelosi had not contacted the US Secret Service or the Department of Homeland Security prior to her comments; protection planning for the State of the Union Address, which used to be a non-disputed event in American politics, starts months before the speech.

Trump vs Pelosi – what if Trump ignores her?

It’s unclear what would happen if Trump made his way to the Capitol on January 29th. Article II Section III of the United States Constitution requires the president to address the Congress from time to time on the “state of the union.” It also grants the president the extraordinary and highly conditional powers of convening and adjourning Congress. The president of the United States has only convened Congress 27 times in United States history in cases of exceptional emergency, but Congress is already in session. This power was more relevant when Congress did not sit regularly; now Congress sits almost 12 months a year and the date Congress convenes is stipulated by the 20th Amendment. The power to adjourn the Congress has never been used by a US president and can only be used if the two chambers of Congress disagree on adjourning.

Nancy Pelosi and infamous Republican never Trumper Paul Ryan

The House of Representatives is governed by a set of “House Rules” that are passed each session. The US president is always allowed on the House Floor per those rules, but in accordance with parliamentary procedure, he must be invited to speak, as anyone else would. It’s one thing to have a rule, though, and another to enforce it.

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The “House Rules” are not codified in 18 USC. Interrupting a federal protection detail? That is definitely a felony. There goes leftists’ fantasies of the Sergeant at Arms, or anyone else for that matter, arresting or stopping Trump should he make his way to the House of Representatives on January 29. Anyone attempting to impede the president would be met with an appropriate amount of force to the threat they posed.

Others argue that even if Trump made his way into the House and Nancy could not physically stop him, she could have the lights turned off, have cameras removed, bang her gavel like a toddler, or scream incessantly as he attempted to speak. Of course, Trump could bring his own sound and video equipment or use federal agents to prevent Congressional staff from manipulating the A/V systems in the House.

Trump gives his 2018 State of the Union address with Vice President and Senate President Mike Pence, left, and then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, right

No matter what happens, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats look bad. The president’s letter earlier today was bait, and Nasty Nancy took it hook, line, and sinker. Trump has managed to expertly frame the shutdown and the Trump vs Pelosi standoff as the Democrat’s fault. Obstructing or attempting to obstruct the president from giving the State of the Union Address on live TV in the House would be a PR cataclysm for the Democrats nationwide. It would force more reasonable people to come to recognize them for what they are: The party of “resistance” superseding any kind of good, responsible government. Feelings, to them, matter more than facts.

Who wins in Trump vs Pelosi?

America loses, first and foremost. While Trump vs Pelosi is funny and entertaining to watch as a spectacle, it’s harmful to the progress and governance of the nation. A legislative body so unwilling to coordinate means nothing of progress will be done until 2020. While it’s typical for the House to go to the party not holding the White House in the president’s first midterm, it would have been far more beneficial for America to keep Republicans in charge. At least Republicans defied statistics and history to gain seats in the Senate, a rare accomplishment done only a handful of times.

US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has held the line during the shutdown, bringing unity to the Republican party

Never before in modern US History has the House stopped the president from giving the State of the Union Address, nor will they be able to. Whether the president makes his way to the nation’s House of Representatives to address the dire crisis at the Southern border, or if he gives it at the border, from the Senate, or anywhere else – it will be the number one news story. His address will get coverage, and he will get his point across.

In the Trump vs Pelosi battle, all bets are off as a hostile House of Representatives prepares to oppose the president on all issues, dropping the charade of cooperation and centrist faux pas. As the president said an hour ago, this isn’t about the shutdown. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are scared of what the president has to say because they know it’s true. They don’t want to look the families of Americans killed by illegal aliens in the eye. Most importantly, they don’t want the nation to know the truth; they want to lie.


President Trump said late Wednesday that he will not hold the State of the Union Address in an alternate location and will wait until the shutdown is over to address the House of Representatives.



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Gee, I wonder if Pelosi wishes she had more control over the WALLs and doors that surround the House floor. Then she could keep out any illegally elected presidents she wanted to impeach.