The MAGA kids from Covington Catholic High School

In a disgusting display of mob mentality, thousands of Twitter users, including media pundits, celebrities, musicians, and, most terrifyingly – regular people – lost all their sanity collectively and threatened to kill, harm, and dox the Covington Catholic High School kids over an untrue story perpetuated by a broken legacy media complex.

It’s apparent that none of the media outlets that propagated their libelous, sensationalized coverage researched anything. Anticipating massive lawsuit, dozens of more corporate-oriented media firms, like CNN, are posting retractions or pseudo retractions (“A fuller picture of events has emerged…”). The damage has been done. These kids are in real danger and are entitled to massive compensation. Could this be the blow that breaks the legacy media’s back? It should be.

In the dying days of the legacy media, the MSM has truly made themselves the Enemy of the People

The incident took place at the March for Life on Friday (read about the march). Covington Catholic High School participates in the march annually and the children were out exercising their first amendment rights. They were also wearing MAGA hats in support of president Donald Trump. These days, being white and wearing a MAGA hat is a crime for the extreme political left. Let’s be real here.

These news organizations and commentators got hold of a story that they gushed over and spread far and wide with reckless abandon. The media spent their entire reserve of remaining credibility and confirmation bias on this s*^t show. They saw what they wanted to see. They didn’t see the truth.

80’s hit They Live featured glasses that let the wearer see the 
world for how it really was

The reality of the situation is massive, billion dollar companies such as CNN, who claim to report “real news” and facts, defamed a group of children and subjected them to the risk of real, serious bodily harm and death at the hands of the most extreme fringes of the far left, who have repeatedly proven their capacity to kill (GOP baseball incident, numerous assassination attempts against President Trump, the Antifa bike lock “professor” who cracked a man’s skull open with a bike lock for no reason, and the hundreds of other examples of unjustified Antifa violence). These companies, at best, neglected their journalistic duties to take 5 minutes of time and research the story, and at worst, attempted to bring harm to children who they deemed to be political enemies.

In any case, the Covington Catholic kids are owed public, front page, prime time apologies and for some of them, civil settlements. It is guaranteed that many of those kids will get millions from this. There are prestigious law firms across the country jumping at the opportunity to represent the children pro bono. Further, these kids attend private school. Their families are middle-class and have representation. There will be massive, large scale law suits. The media needs to learn a lesson here. You can’t just say anything, call it fact, be wrong, cause violence and panic, and brush it off. It’s called libel. You could even call it inciting a riot. Think that’s a bit too extreme a charge? Go read the responses to the media’s Tweets and stories and watch your faith in humanity disappear. This is the hill. This is the fight. Bring responsibility back to public discourse.

In a now deleted Tweet, Disney Producer Jack Morrissey said to put the Covington kids into a woodchipper. Please do not harass him; report him to the FBI and his employer, Walt Disney Company

These kids have had their identities plastered everywhere with extensively defamatory connotations as well as through direct aggressive, insidious coverage. We applaud the Covington Catholic children for being respectful and containing themselves far better than any of their adult critics could ever dream to and wish them happy, fulfilling, successful lives. Their behavior is exemplary and everyone should aim to emulate it. It’s poetic that on Martin Luther King day, the left gets an atomic reminder of what true peaceful demonstration looks like, and at the hand of a group of kids from Covington Catholic High School. With that all being said, Postard will not show the student’s faces; many are under 18 and they are not public figures subject to public scrutiny. Respect the law CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, etc…

What really happened

The group of Covington Catholic kids were keeping to themselves in the National Mall area during the March for Life. Several antagonistic groups approached them and attacked them for hours. So-called “Black Israelites” were one of the most intense and ridiculous agitators, yelling every homophobic and downright mean thing you could think of at the boys. What men pride themselves on insulting children? Those “Black Israelites” are without a doubt insane and unjust, but still, that’s freedom of speech. This segment of the story got no mainstream mention.

Disgraced Native American Nathan Pillips continues to propagate his false account of events with the cooperation of large media companies despite video evidence proving him a bully of children and a liar

Another group at the Life for March was a contingent of Native Americans. A smaller number of those, led by Nathan Phillips, elbowed their way into the middle of the Covington kid’s group. Nathan Phillips was the one who approached the Covington Catholic High School kids, not the other way around. He was looking for a fight. At no time during the hour long confrontation were the children rude. They did not threaten anyone. They didn’t do anything; they just smiled and danced. They didn’t even say “build the wall” once!

Nathan Phillips was doing his best to agitate a violent reaction. A grown man attempting to instigate children is the epitome of pathetic. How would you react if someone beat a drum 2 feet from your face and yelled? You’d get mad. The student at the receiving end (the smirking one) deserves applause for his restraint and his parents deserve a pat on the back for raising a truly inspiring, undeniably good person. These kids all did good, and we should be proud of them.

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Please report all users engaging in violence and behavior breaking platform rules to either the FBI (for threats of violence) and/or Twitter.

It is ridiculous that this is where the nation has sunk to. People have lost sight of humanity. Their hate for Trump has spilled into every aspect of their life, consuming them like a malignant stage 4 cancer. Media giants like CNN live to spread contempt and disunity. These vicious people have strayed way too far out of line and many of them must now pay a debt to society for the harm they have brought against a group of innocent kids.



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CNN’s new slogan suggestion:
“We decide what you should think then report deceptively to support our narrative” or
“We decide-report”