Donald Trump’s campaign website started selling bricks this week that supporters can buy, starting at 20 dollars, and the campaign will send them express to Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi’s office. 20 dollars gets you 1 brick, and for 140 dollars, 7 bricks will be sent to the obstructionist politician of your choice. The bricks are inscribed with messages such as, “2018: Fentanyl at the border – enough entered U.S. to kill every single American.” This latest fundraiser is sure to be a massive success with core Trump fans and is a humorous way to make the situation understood to those two most ignorant coastal elites: The wall is no joke.

The current #PelosiShutdown is the longest in US history and continues because Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats are unwilling to give the president a political victory on the wall. They also don’t want their source of new voters to dry up, but we’re not supposed to talk about that. Come on, you want the average person to believe that of the admitted tens of millions of illegal aliens in the United States, not more than a handful of them vote? Consider California – they grant licenses to illegal aliens by policy and that’s all it takes to vote. Who would be so naive to believe that Democrat talking point? Illegal aliens are voting en masse, and they’re voting Democrat.

Nancy Pelosi learned a tough lesson yesterday when her flight out of the country in the midst of the government shutdown was grounded by President Trump

Donald Trump campaigned on building the wall on the southern border to stop the flow of illegal aliens, weapons, and drugs into the United States and to provide much needed support for Border Patrol to respond to wall breaches and deter alien caravans. It is his single biggest campaign promise. He’s delivered a lot of his promises so far, but the wall is the pinnacle. He needs it for 2020. The Democrats will do anything it takes to stop the wall from getting built.

The shutdown mostly effects Democrats. The majority of federal workers are Democrats. The majority of recipients of federally funded programs, besides tax returns, are Democrat voters. The fire is under Nancy’s feet right now. Trump supporters are conservatives and believe in small governments. They wouldn’t mind the government staying “shut down” forever. Nancy has to cave.

Now enthusiastic Trump fans really can help build the wall… in Nancy and Chuck’s office!

It’s amazing that it takes this much of a circus to make the Democrats work with Trump. Even Kim Jong-un is more willing to compromise with Trump. I mean Donald Trump is an amazing negotiator – he sold rice to China and they recently offered a trillion dollar deal to balance US trade deficits with them by the early 2020s. But the Democrats? They don’t care about Trump’s mandate. It’s hard to argue they even care about America. Denying Trump his wall is more important than the scores of Americans killed and attacked by illegal aliens every year (read more about the border crisis).

But Trump doesn’t need the Democrats to build the wall. If this circus goes on long enough, he’s more than within his right to issue an executive order and reappropriate existing military funds to build the wall by declaring a national emergency. This action, however, would be infinitely challenged by Democrat lawmakers and judges alike. It would no doubt end up in the Supreme Court where the fate of such a case currently remains hard to know, with Chief Justice Roberts dropping his conservatism “beard” and moving to the left and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg absent (or dead). Trump wants to make a deal with Democrats – they just don’t want to make a deal with him.

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The most important function of a government is to protect its people. If the US government cannot secure the southern border, is it fulfilling its obligation to the American people to protect American sovereignty and their safety? Enough politics. Build the wall.

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