The March for Life in 2018

The March for Life held its annual promenade in DC on Friday. As always, the event drew enormous controversy from pro-choice activists and allies. ABC, NBC, and CBS refused to cover the event despite over 100,000 people in attendance. The media shirking was a pure display of partisan politics from the networks.

Because the major networks are private corporations, they are free to follow their own political agendas and cover what stories they choose without facing legal repercussions. However, they are certainly open to criticism for their more political choices on what gets air time or not. A march of a 100,000 people in the nation’s capital is definitely a major news story. The potential repercussions from coverage of the event might also have influenced the choice for networks to abstain coverage (no pun intended). Pro-life activists have powerful lobbying influence and any coverage appearing slightly positive, or even neutral, of the March for Life would have brought their ire and possible boycotts.

The Women’s March is much safer for networks to cover

The annual anti-Trump Women’s March also took place Friday and is a favorite of pundits in the corporate media friendly to the cause of hating Trump. President Trump delivered a speech to the March for Life crowd VIA video. He made remarks about the inspiring amount of attendees, saying it was as much or more people than the Women’s March.

Pro-life beliefs range from being against tax subsidies for abortions to supporting the complete abolition of legal abortion. Tax dollars absolutely should not be used for abortions unless in extremely exceptional cases – such as rape, a pregnancy threatening the life of the mother, or incest. Abortion should never be a “morning after, sixty mornings after” solution for a lack of personal responsibility (not using condoms etc.) and bad decision making. People can have sex with whoever they want however they want – but the consequences of those actions shouldn’t be put on the shoulders of tax payers.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire speaking Friday at the March for Life

Tax subsidized private clinic Planned Parenthood has been the main receiver of criticisms and accusations over the years from anti-abortion activists. There have been claims that Planned Parenthood sells the selected remains of aborted fetuses to generate revenue, which caused a huge uproar. Further, they are consistently one of the main corporate supporters of Democrats nation wide, contributing millions every year. That’s important to talk about because Planned Parenthood receives tax payer subsidies and it’s unverifiable if public money is funneled through Planned Parenthood into the coffers of Democrat politicians.

Ben Shapiro and baby Hitler

Ben Shapiro made headlines at the March for Life by saying no pro-life person would kill baby Hitler. I concur. Evil is half nature, half nurture, as all traits and capabilities are. Hitler may not have become Hitler had he lived a different life. Everything that happens to everyone everyday shapes who they are as a person.

It’s an interesting pitfall thrown at pro-lifers often by pro-abortion activists: If you had a time machine, would you kill baby Hitler in order to prevent the [insert Nazi travesty]. Say no, and you somehow support Hitler’s rise to evil incarnate. Say yes, and equally confusing, you somehow support abortion? I don’t get it. Are they trying to say that abortion is good because it might kill the next Hitler? That makes no sense. And what is the rate of Hitlers per millions of babies aborted every year in the US, anyways?

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Everyone deserves a chance to become a better person. Destiny is not set in stone. Those of us who believe in personal responsibility also believe that people can shape the outcome of their life through choices and actions. We are what we choose to be, and the March for Life believes that everyone deserves the choice to be born. Life is a cause worth marching for.

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