Donald Trump hosted a feast of McDonald’s and Wendy’s on the White House’s gold-trimmed fine china. Big Mac’s, nuggets, Filet-O-Fish, and more chicken tendies than you’d need to feed a football team lined the expensive dinnerware of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue. Everyone looked like they had a great time. Still though, the press felt the need to rain on the victory parade.

Comments deriding the clash between the expensive plates and gold candle sticks and the Big Macs on them were the best criticisms the trolls could push out. Who cares if Donald Trump likes McDonald’s, and who cares if he fed it to a national championship college football team. He paid for it and the Clemson Tigers of the great state of South Carolina seemed more than happy to eat it. It was a dinner worthy of champions. Besides, when’s the last time a Democrat at any level paid for a government function?

The Clemson Tigers are all American, big time champions and they were hosted at the White House this week

The current government shutdown is now the longest in US history. President Donald Trump has made it clear that he will not sign any funding bill which doesn’t include money for the wall (that doesn’t mean he’s unwilling to negotiate – he is more than ready to give Democrats some things that they would never get otherwise). While Democrats vacation with tax payer dollars in the Caribbean, president Trump is hosting a group of inspiring young athletes who’ve accomplished something great with his own money. Judge a person not only by what they say – but what they do. Trump is waiting to negotiate. Democrats won’t even come to the table. Who is to blame? Who is acting immaturely? Who has the most to lose?

The Democrats are waiting for him to fold; but he won’t. The Democrats have a lot more to lose than he does, as I explained last time.Ā 

It’sĀ impossibleĀ toĀ seeĀ theĀ DemocratsĀ asĀ anythingĀ otherĀ thanĀ the party of obstruction.

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A long shutdown hurts Democrats the most. The majority of federal workers are Democrats. Many social programs funded by the US federal government also disproportionately benefits Democrat voters, notably Food Stamps. Food Stamp funding past February is not guaranteed if the shutdown continues that long. That is sure to generate a huge amount of pressure on Democrats to compromise with Donald Trump. So far, they aren’t even willing to consider talking. Why? Walls work. They know it – everyone knows it – and unchecked illegal immigration helps Democrats. They disproportionately vote Democrat. If illegal immigrants voted Republican, the wall would have been built years ago with guard towers and automatic turrets plus alligator moats.

Like a kid in a candy store, this player was absolutely over the moon and couldn’t wait to dig in

It’s a pity that a football team can’t even come to the White House anymore without a gaggle of commentators on the dying cable news networks trying to find something to attack. It wasn’t a political event. It was to celebrate the Clemson Tiger’s championship season. They enjoyed their McDonald’s very much, and that’s all that matters. The press can continue to condescend from their high tower of undeserved upper class living. Fast food is awesome. People love it. That’s why they sell so much product. If it’s good enough for billionaire Donald Trump, it’s good enough for me too.

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