It’s becoming sorely obvious that democracy is dead in the United Kingdom. What’s worse, it’s also starting to look like Theresa May was simply chosen to be the fall person. Someone who the British people could blame for “messing up” the deal, when in reality, Theresa May is just a convenient face for the failure. While May has endured numerous cabinet resignations, most notably Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and a massive proponent and campaigner for the Leave vote, as foreign secretary, it’s apparent the party’s in on it. They don’t want to leave the EU. They won’t let it happen.

52% of the British population voted to leave the EU in the 2016 Brexit referendum. Democracy isn’t something that you keep having do-overs of until you get or fabricate the result you want. Respect the will of the people. They gave the British government a mandate. They didn’t vote to kind of stay, kind of go, they voted to leave. Period.

Although the referendum wasn’t legally binding, then prime minister David Cameron promised to respect and implement the outcome of the vote, but was he crossing his fingers behind his back? “Yeah, the government will implement any result (so long as that result serves the desires and financial interest of our corporate sponsors)”? Britain out of the European Union is admittedly a precarious situation. The EU and Britain currently allow the free movement of people between borders. That means access to France, Germany, Austria, and dozens of other countries without passports and sometimes even a border wait time. Britain also enjoy lucrative trade with other EU members and Brussels has threatened to sanction members who trade with an independent Britain.

The United Kingdom was already a kind of “odd one out” in the EU scene. They never accepted the Euro as their currency and instead opted to keep the pound, which wisely left the door open for them to retreat to economic freedom should the deal ever sour. And it has. Arguably, the EU, which was just supposed to be an economic union for better trade and movement of goods, has morphed into a monster and pseudo post-national government. Pseudo because there’s no true elected representation. Brussels can pass legislation in EU parliament even if all the representatives of a specific country refuses it, to the detriment of the dissident country. All member nations have to abide to EU law. If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s even talk of an EU army. That’s gonna be a big yikes from me.

This police vehicle was seen weeks ago during the weekly and massive Yellow Vest protests in Paris. Why does a French police vehicle have the flag of the EU? It sure got people talking

Recently, Chancellor Angela Merkel has come out and said that EU countries need to surrender their sovereignty. No. Just, no. The point of a country is to allow the people who live there to determine the path they take and the laws they make. The EU largely removes this ability from its members; for many years, this was through boring, back stream legislative EU channels where the will of the union was forced upon countries. Now we have one of its leading personalities, who leads a very strong, very pro-EU country, coming out and saying it straight up with no confusion: There shall be no right to self determination here. More and more, the identities of individual nations fade and are replaced with that distinct EU blue. Ode to joy.

While leaving will hurt Britain in the short term, it will secure Britain’s autonomy over the long term. Many nations, including the US and Australia, have expressed interest in forming trade deals with an independent Britain. Britain leaving the EU would truly be the beginning of the end for it as other European countries strongly reconsider what kind of future they want. Growth and success await a free United Kingdom.

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Theresa May owes it to her country to listen to their voices. They do not want Theresa May and her sloppy, fake exit from the EU, which really isn’t an exit at all; Britain would be subject to all of the same EU regulations without any of the little voice they currently have in EU Parliament. That’s not Brexit. That’s betrayal.

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