This story is seriously amusing. On Thursday, CNN, who is notorious for its fake news – omission of facts and fabrication / exaggeration of details – reached out to a local, unaffiliated San Diego news station for comments on the effectiveness of their area’s border wall but then mysteriously chose not to pursue a segment with the station.

KUSI News suspects that CNN made the decision because they had previously aired reports from the border barrier that showed its effectiveness. To deny CNN’s partisanship and to argue it is an objective news source is to say that water is wood at this point. They have repeatedly made it clear that they will stand to the opposite of the president on any issue. I challenge you to find the rare occurrences where CNN actually seems to at least be neutral to the president. You’ll quickly comprehend just how biased they are.

“No crime here at this barrier.” Thanks for the newsflash, Jim! Excellent salesmanship. Walls work!

According to KUSI News, border agents that they have interviewed over the years have repeatedly espoused the same overwhelming consensus: Walls work, save lives, and help them do their job. As the public debate over the president’s demands for a wall grows louder due to the partial and persistent government shutdown, it is important to go around the media and directly to Americans with the facts some would prefer they not have.

The President’s address Tuesday night painted a very distressing, urgent picture of the crisis at the border. The staggering amount of women who are raped crossing the Mexican desert in hopes of reaching America, either by passersby or smugglers, is horrific and should be sufficient alone to make feminists throw up their arms and say enough. Could this and other statistics (facts first), which make many people reconsider their position against the border, be the reason CNN is running from the truth so desperately?

Lying is a slippery slope

CNN maintains that the segment didn’t happen because the call was part of CNN’s efforts to find guests and that it doesn’t always materialize into an appearance. While this is totally within the realm of possibility, it is also equally likely that CNN filtered KUSI News for their reporting that showed pro-wall sentiment. CNN is selling its audience a narrative; they aren’t reporting the facts, sometimes they even make it up as they go. Remember that one time CNN reporters pretended to be across the country but were in the same parking lot? Misrepresentation like this is common in print and TV media and it shapes the way people think about the news, even if the narrative isn’t immediately obvious like it is here. It’s opinion content and additionally, it’s deceitful because it pretends to be objective journalism when it’s really just towing the line for some corporate sponsor or Democratic candidate.

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CNN will remain an enemy of the people as long as they continues to try and lie about the neutrality of their “reporting” and programming. If they came out and rebranded themselves as a commentary company with some news elements, much of the valid criticism concerning their practices would become irrelevant overnight. But that would mean CNN couldn’t participate in their favorite pastime anymore – creating and spreading fake news.

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The pink bus line, what? That’s a microaggression against women and/or gays to suggest there is only one in all of Phoenix. I challenge you to an ident-off duel sir. The good earth loving CNN reporters probably use public transportation and have the wall covered as well as the US border patrol. CNN’s new motto is “we report the Faux” or at least it should be.