Is it finally happening? Do Democrats finally have the secret weapon to take down Trump? No. They really don’t. But it’s bound to be extremely entertaining.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s now former personal attorney, is helping the Democrats kick off their Congressional circus with public testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Febuary 7th. The Cohen Testimony is sure to be the first in what promises to be a very popular, blockbuster Congressional TV season. All the greats are set to make an appearance in the Congressional circus and pinky swear their best “I don’t recall” more times than you could take a shot to and live. Trump, Cohen, Manafort, Pence, and more are certain to face Congressional subpoenas every other month. They should refuse, however. That precedent has been set by the Democrats last Congress. And when and if they do show up, they should be as disruptive and obstructive as possible. The Democrats deserve every bit of what they dish out and then some.

Despite the exciting TV that’ll give football a run for its money (football is already losing tons of money), when it comes to governing and actual progress, however, nothing will change. No bill will pass both chambers and the president’s desk to become law. Not in this political climate. Not in this Congress.

The stalemate that marches ever onward between the president and the House of Representatives is a sure sign of how unproductive the 116th Congress will be. But at least it’s the most diverse ever. That’s a mighty accomplishment and it solves poverty, crime, and puts humanity on Mars. Just kidding. People don’t get rewards for being born male or female, black or white, not even Congresspeople. Accomplish something and then you might get a “good job” or two. Until then keep congratulating each other over a job not done at all.

Michael Cohen doesn’t have anything all that devastating to say about his time as Trump’s personal lawyer. If he did, it would have already leaked and the cable news networks would have talked about it until they were blue in the face. He has nothing – and they know that – but the idea of him coming to the circus guarantees motivation for the Democratic base and pAntifa (those guys always have their panties in a bunch). It’s blood in the water, so to speak, even if the blood is ketchup and the ketchup doesn’t actually exist.

Pundits like Anderson Cooper would love for there to be some unbelievably shocking revelation during the Cohen testimony. Rest assured, there won’t be

The Stormy Daniels affair is guaranteed to be a hot topic. It is the only straw Democrats have to grasp at. It revolves around a US $130,000 payment that was made in October, 2016 in an arrangement to stop porn star Stormy Daniels from disclosing information about her and Trump’s alleged 2006 affair before the election. The legal battle between Trump’s team and Stormy Daniels has waged for several years but “climaxed” in 2016 with the non-disclosure agreement and coinciding $130,000 payment. Trump maintains that the payment was made without his knowledge and that it was made from funds outside the campaign. He also maintains that he only learned about the payment made by Michael Cohen after the fact. Since then, Stormy Daniel’s legal counsel has argued that the non-disclosure agreement is invalid because Trump never personally signed it. (This inconvenient fact actually helps strengthen the case that Trump did not know about the proceedings.) A lawsuit between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump alleging violations with the non-disclosure agreement has yet to make it to court because of the criminal investigation surrounding Michael Cohen. A second lawsuit filed by the infamous Michael Aventti claiming Trump defamed Stormy Daniels was dismissed in October, 2018 and Stormy Daniels was ordered to pay president Trump roughly $300,000.

Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison on December 12, 2018. His prison sentence will begin on March 6, 2019. The majority of Michael Cohen’s convictions are financial and his campaign finance conviction was the result of a guilty plea of his own accord and does not implicate Trump in any way other than accusations hurled during a theatrical courtroom speech by the disgraced former attorney at his sentencing hearing. Michael Cohen stared down his 15 minutes of fame and took the opportunity to capitalize on a bad situation; his self promotion propelled his personal brand so effectively, Trump should be proud if not a bit scorn by the betrayal.

Cohen did what was necessary to get out of the hot seat. It’s very possible that he committed campaign finance crimes, but whether there was a real crime or not, the FBI has proven that it will persecute all of its political targets with prejudiced to the point of personal and financial ruin. Michael Flynn is a sore example of the destructive and undemocratic practices of an institution most Americans used to trust. “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.” It should be “Friends In the Bureau” because if you don’t have them, you’re going to be run over like an opossum crossing the I-95.

Michael Cohen really is the proverbial deer caught in America’s headlights

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The FBI breached attorney-client privilege when they raided Michael Cohen’s office in the predawn hours. Michael Cohen didn’t have enough integrity as a man to take the heat the FBI scorched him with; they broke him down and he took the easy way out. He pleaded guilty. To be fair, very few would be able to endure the kind of pressure the FBI is capable of suffocating people with, regardless of whether or not they committed a crime. It’s plain to see they got everything they wanted out of him and more. The Congressional TV circus will reveal nothing new, but all eyes will be glued to the tube for the latest episode of America’s decline. Hopefully Michael Cohen is practicing his Shakespeare so he can give the performance of a life time.

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