Elizabeth Warren has formed an exploratory presidential campaign committee only to discover that she has less than a 1/1024 chance of winning. Despite Chief Faux’s assured defeat, Hillary Clinton is waging her tiny reserve of remaining reputation to defend Warren from attacks against her character.

No one will argue against the fact that Hillary Clinton was an incredibly unlikable candidate and still is an unlikable person. She presented herself as if the voters owed her something – victory – regardless of her policy positions and many faults simply because she is a woman. To believe anything different was to be a bigoted sexist irredeemable deplorable. I’m happily in that “basket” of the population. Who wants to be admired by Hillary Clinton? No one. It’s a political death sentence. If she hates you and what you stand for, you are doing something right. Wear her distaste for you like the medal of honor and if you do, who knows – you might become president. Trump did.

Back to Senator Pocahontas – Elizabeth Warren – from the great state of Massachusetts (come on guys, you have such a rich, vibrant state history and have produced some of the greatest patriots ever and this is who you elect to the senate, but I digress) – the moment she dipped her toe into the ring of presidential politics the negative comments cannonballed in with her. There was this Instagram video of her and her “husband” from over the holidays where she chugs a beer in what can only be the world record for most cringe inducing “I’m just a regular person” video ever. That firewater is dangerous and bites at both ends, ‘Liz – be careful how you use it for your gain. Further – why did she treat her husband like that? Thanking him for being in their house? Watching this train wreck, you really get the feeling that they aren’t close. They aren’t even in the same continent, they are that distant and weird together. Maybe they’re just married on paper? I mean, at least try to be a convincing couple.

You can’t write comedy this funny

But if you even dare to so much as call the video awkward, Hillary Clinton will charge in to correct the record and put you in your place. How dare you judge a woman for something that anyone would get lambasted for? See, that’s the thing, ain’t it? Women want equality but then they don’t. They only want the benefits of being equal with men; they don’t want to be treated the same. No, I’m not sexist. I recognize that most women aren’t as entitled as those two elitist women, who pretend to represent the plight of the average person while leading lives of incredible luxury and contradiction. It was a joke. Judge people by who they are and what they’re capable of, not what they are. Moving on!

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An educator at Tufts University told the Boston Globe, ā€œwhen women are successful in male-dominated fields, they are deemed less likable.ā€ It’s a patently false statement. Women are disliked for the same reasons men are – for being entitled, ignorant, and loud. Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren aren’t disliked because they’re women, they’re disliked because they have lousy personalities and to claim otherwise is deceitful and intellectually weak. Hillary Clinton has no place trying to demand that women not be judged by the content of their characters just as men are. It’s not sexist to judge someone by their personality, it’s human – and that’s doubly true for people, male or female, trying to become the president of the most powerful country on the planet.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Cali) is probably the Dem 2020 hopeful

What is the future of the Democratic party? It’s impossible to know today, but it certainly isn’t Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren. Both of them have way too much baggage. The next Democratic candidate for president will have to be a woman, and a minority at that. They’ll check off as many social justice boxes as possible. That’s what their base cares about, not what the person believes in or what they have accomplished. What do you think the over/under is on Senator Kamala Harris?

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I’ll take the low road here. Liz’s hubby just got his chance and took it to slap her ass for the first time in decades on this video, I bet. He’s probably jealous of Mike Pence’s doctrine, but in reverse, of never being alone with a woman, I mean in particular his wife. The PR camera filming gave him a chance to get some long desired sexual tension out on her and boy was it fun to cringe at it for us, with a side of regret for him, I bet. Perhaps they have a nice BDSM basement dungeon and… Read more »