Court documents revealed Manafort met with a Russian accused of being an intelligence agent during the 2016 election and discussed polling plus a potential peace plan in Ukraine; no laws were broken

Hillary’s defeat denied many Americans from witnessing the coronation of a “queen.” She was going to slay bigotry so hard, increase diversity, and everything was going to be sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. But it wasn’t. Donald Trump, without permission, swooped in and won what everyone had assured them was a sure thing. It was her turn. It wasn’t the “right” outcome.

This enraged many on the left. They wanted revenge for Trump’s heinous crime of winning an election. Donald Trump couldn’t possibly be allowed to hold the office of president. They tried everything. They called Congress. They protested. They blocked roads. They lit stuff on fire. They chanted catchy slogans. No matter what they did, however, nothing seemed to work. Donald Trump was still president-elect and the electoral college refused to defect en masse.

It was her turn

They decided, with growing desperation, to cling to anything they could, anything at all that threatened Trump’s legitimacy or term. Unrelated financial crimes committed by Paul Manafort brought a glimmer of hope to their resistance quest. But then nothing happened. Trump was still their president. Yesterday, there was new developments in the Manafort case – but let’s skip to the end and see what happens or what changes: Nothing again.

We now know, with devastating, wide-ranging implications, that many in the government – even as high as the director of the FBI and most of his inner circle – shared this animosity towards the incoming president. They were not going to carry out their duties without bias. They weren’t going to be just. They were going to get even and correct the unthinkable outcome the republic had handed them.

Many of the details of this soft coup – there’s nothing else to call it – are still blurry and restricted. But some things are clear: A politically-charged dossier with salacious and laughably fake information (golden showers et al.) was commissioned by a third party, passed around multiple hands, then made its way to the media where it was used as circular evidence by the alphabet soup agencies to justify their witch hunt (wiretaps, in person spying, etc.) against candidate, president-elect, and president Trump. These public, irrefutable facts should bring every freedom loving American to the streets demanding justice and perp walks – but most are happily placated by their jobs, personal obligations, or media entertainment – as intended. Consider it: The US government extensively spied on a domestic political candidate with fabricated, circular evidence in hopes of finding something – anything – to stop him. It failed. Who knows what else they did or tried doing? It’s the crime of the century.

General Michael Flynn dedicated his life to the service of the United States

The message they sent him and others is clear: Go against us and this is what happens. Don’t rock the boat. Don’t try to change anything. They – the unelected bureaucrats – run the show and will bring down financial and personal ruin against whoever stands in their way. That’s what this is really about. Look at Flynn. His crime? Lying to the “FBI” (Peter Strzok) in an ambush interview where it wasn’t even declared that it was on the record or official. What happened to Michael Flynn? He’s so far endured two years of hell and had to sell his house for legal funds. This is a good man who dedicated his life to the defense and service of the nation. If they did it to him – imagine what they would do to you? It’s a complete farce and ample example of weaponized law enforcement – and a clear warning to all others who would dare to publicly put themselves on the line and stand with Trump. See how well you recall precise information such as what you were wearing two years ago on a Sunday that may or may not have been cloudy when federal agents flank you with no precursor to your pleasant meeting? You’ll make a mistake. You will get something wrong. If the FBI wants you in jail, innocent or not, you will go to jail. Then there’s the pesky story of the easily modifiable 302s…

Where does Robert Mueller come into the picture? Well, in early 2017, Deputy US Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested in a letter to the president that Trump fire FBI Director James Comey. Trump then followed through with that advice, only to have Rosenstein appoint Special Council Robert Mueller with an unchecked array of power and no oversight. Obstruction of justice concerning Comey’s removal as FBI Director was cited as partial justification for the Mueller probe. What?! The absolute absurdity of giving someone advice and then attempting to punish them for listening to what you said. More people need to bring attention to this inconvenient fact. Rod Rosenstein suggested Trump fire Comey and then used his dismissal to justify Special Council Mueller.

Mueller testified to Congress in early 2003 that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, a claim we now know with certainty to be false

It’s hard to talk about the things we learned concerning the people who set Trump up without being redirected to the latest Mueller indictment (all of which have been unrelated to the non-existent crime of collusion [Title 18 US Code], the media and agencies’ buzzword of choice to describe the fairy tale plan Trump and the Kremlin orchestrated to steal Hillary’s presidential turn). Well, we learned that Strzok was biased. We learned that his 302s (the forms used to charge Flynn) were probably fabricated and at minimum improperly completed, disqualifying them. We learned that the US government was weaponized against a domestic political candidate who rocked the boat just a bit too much. We learned a lot.

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Concerning the latest developments surrounding Manafort, a short-term campaign manager for Trump – routine court filings that were apparently “incompetently” redacted (more likely deliberately leaked) show that Manafort met with Konstantin Kilimnik, an alleged Russian intelligence agent. Manafort and Kilimnik purportedly discussed internal campaign polling and a possible peace plan for Ukraine. Unfortunately for leftists who are once again, for the hundredth time, on the edge of ecstasy over the news, hoping it will finally bring Trump down, nothing revealed is a crime. It’s perfectly normal for presidential campaigns to discuss foreign policy positions and plans with foreign governments, agents, and other people of importance within those countries. Manafort did nothing wrong.

While this changes nothing, it’s an opportunity to talk about the weaponization of the US government against a political candidate they didn’t like and the ongoing, illegal and unethical attempts to stop him from carrying out the mandate the republic gave him.

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As if you haven’t painted a very clear picture of what might be expected in a South American Caudillo like coup; what about former CIA Director John Brennan apparently violating the law by unmasking Americans in spy operations? There was collusion alright but it was between the FBI, NSA, CIA and the democrats in power at the time. I bet the EPA was jealous not to have a hand in it too.