The political hack media and the political hacks themselves can’t even decide on what to call the shut down – let alone come to any kind of agreement to end it. Most corporate media goes with the “safe” name choice – safe with their older audience who sit at home and have shouting matches with the TV when they hear the president’s out of context sound byte to manufacture outrage – and call it the Trump Shutdown. I think this is absolutely the Schumer Shutdown, though. It’s far catchier, too. That Donald Trump is a master of branding.

Lying, exaggerating, and avoiding the truth is the name of the game for America’s Democrats (Uniparty Republicans included). The truth is inconvenient and disposable when it doesn’t serve political agendas. Spend just a moment of time observing any politician ever and you’ll quickly realize lying is a prerequisite for the job. But this is something else. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are willing to say anything to make the president look bad and obstruct the wall.

Democrats have an enormous amount of negotiating leverage with the president. He needs to fund the wall. It is his signature campaign promise. Democrats can put so many things on the table that would never, ever get republican support otherwise. What about DACA – the “dreamer” kids Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer pretended to cry about mere months ago because they care so much? Trump has stated he’s willing to make a deal. That deal could easily include some sort of amnesty for DACA. By refusing to even be open to the idea of delegating 5 billion for the wall, Congressional Democrats lose all negotiating leverage they had and guarantee that they will accomplish nothing until 2021. Trump will rightly veto the majority of bills that make it to his desk and this stalemate will continue.

Trump is willing to give the Democrats things that they could go back to their constituents with and say “look, we beat the big bully,” and be welcomed with political clout and accolades. The Democrats are not willing to give Trump his wall – not even for DACA amnesty. The reality of the situation is they cannot afford to. They cannot allow Trump that political victory. The economy is doing very well and floating just around 4% GDP growth – which is phenomenal – and with a political victory on the wall, Trump’s 2020 reelection is guaranteed. Democrats don’t want that. They don’t want four more years of Trump. They don’t want another day of him. That’s why this shutdown is their fault and that’s why they lose either way.

How do they lose? It’s simple. Trump is proving to the American people, everyday, like he did in his address last night, that illegal immigration is a huge problem. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer can sit there and giggle while Trump cites statistics of young women who naively cross the Mexican desert in search of a better life only to be raped, but they’re still losing the war for people’s minds. CBS News can then fact check those figures, find that they are actually much higher than the president claimed, point out that they’re higher in hope of spiting the president (maybe he said they were lower so you would report on it?), and then remove that fact check segment when it goes viral because it hurts the narrative and proves the president’s point; the media is so partisan it’s sickening that allegedly neutral news outlets omit and obfuscate facts that happen to support something the republican president is saying.

CBS News removed this fact check segment from their website for obvious political reasons; it paints a clear picture of what can only be described as a humanitarian emergency

Trump also wins because no matter what the Democrats do or who says what, the wall will get built. Trump is giving Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats every opportunity to play ball and get something from this ordeal, but they refuse to even negotiate because of their overwhelming hatred for the man. The American people will see the Democrats as nothing more than petty obstructionists unwilling to compromise on anything and their poisonous hatred will be poignant for everyone’s purview. They look more foolish every day this drags on. Trump has no reason to fold. The vast composition of his supporters don’t care for big government and like the idea of it being closed. It’s not hurting him – it’s hurting them.

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How does the wall get built? Well, when Trump declares the situation at the southern border a national emergency (because it is a bonafide emergency) – and he will should the Democrats refuse to negotiate, which they will, he has the full legal authority to order the US military to construct the wall. When that order comes down, there isn’t anything Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Democrats, or activist judges can do to stop it, either. Trump will have his wall and Democrats will have nothing at all.

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