It’s time to stop the constant, unchecked flow of people into the United States. “If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.” Securing the border needs to be the top priority of the Trump administration in 2019.

Every sovereign nation has the right to determine who they want in their country, how many people they want to immigrate, and when they want the process of immigration to happen and for how long. Immigration is a key policy that both shapes the demographics of the destination country and impacts security. It’s funny though – today you’re not really allowed to talk about it – lest you be called a racist or a bigot if your position is anything different from advocating the importation of millions; who cares about how it impacts the quality of life of everyone involved.

People wait during delays at the Tijuana border crossing last year

The path to hell is paved with good intentions. People’s generosity is something that can be exploited by those who would seek to do the host country harm, and is absolutely something that illegal immigrants exploit every single day at the US border. These are not people who have waited their turn – they cut to the front of the line and are demanding, not asking, to come and, in many cases, receive handouts. This is only possible because the US has weak borders, and everyone everywhere knows that.

There are far more malicious actors taking advantage of the border situation than the desperate and downtrodden, however. On Friday, January 4, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that around 4,000 “known or suspected” terrorists were stopped in 2017. Many news agencies are trying their best to refute this statistic; however, it is wise to assume that the executive has the most current and accurate numbers concerning things that executive agencies do, not the press or opinion commentators. We accept these numbers as fact.

The ultimate goal of a government is to protect its people. Protect them from what? From war, from invasion, from occupation – and from the government itself (that’s why the US has the Second Amendment). There is now a second Caravan from South America of tens of thousands of people metaphorically giving the US the finger and saying, “we are coming in whether you want us to or not, we will not wait our turn, we will not follow the rules.” Absolutely, it is an invasion. They are throwing rocks. They are violating US law; they even wave their flags. If the government cannot control the border and protect Americans from those who seek to take advantage of ordinary people and invade the sovereignty of the United States, are they even serving their purpose as a government?

Migrants happily wave the flag of the oppressive country they’re fleeing (November). Well dressed males make up the majority of the observable crowd

Are these the kinds of people who will contribute positively to the US – those who will do whatever it takes to get their way, jumping over other people metaphorically and literally, breaking the law? Think about it – the first thing they do in the United States, the very first thing, is a crime. Not a good way to start being an upstanding citizen.

Often, parents bring their children, subjecting them to thousands of miles of desert, dehydration, disease, and far too many times, death. This is irresponsible and arguably criminal behavior. These are not the kinds of people the US should take kindly to, and they need to face the proper punishment for child abuse in their countries of origin. They don’t deserve pity but condemnation for hiding behind children.

Trump’s key campaign promise was to build the wall. A physical barrier, married with electronic monitoring and strategic enforcement, would make it nearly impossible to cross the border illegally. This is a win for everyone involved. No more dangerous, life threatening treks with children across deserts. No more drugs and weapon smuggling.

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To be clear, President Trump has not said that he doesn’t want immigrants to come to the United States. Immigrants contribute to the rich fabric of the country and helped build it. But they need to come in the right way – the fair way, the legal way. Trump is scheduled to address the nation tonight a 9 PM Eastern and the border is sure to be a hot topic.

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