Tommy Robinson was imprisoned for months following his reporting on the trial of a child rape gang earlier this year
Tommy Robinson was imprisoned for months following his reporting on the trial of a child rape gang earlier this year

Outspoken critic of extremist-Islam and bane of leftwingers Tommy Robinson was recently freed from prison. An appeals court ruled the conviction from the kangaroo court he was “tried” in ran afoul against his civil liberties and right to due process and freed Robinson on process grounds. He is currently out of prison and awaiting retrial. While anyone with a brain saw this coming a mile away, others are scratching their heads wondering how such an “evil man” could find his way out of prison for the heinous crime of reporting the news.

Tommy Robinson gained international attention for his recorded (peaceful) confrontations of politicians and Islamists in Britain over the past few years and his uniquely pointed swagger. These confrontations typically become heated as Tommy questions the subject about their policies and actions regarding different situations. He once hilariously confronted one of his own Twitter trolls. He was very respectful throughout to this incredibly rude individual and humorously charming at that. “Can you tell me something I wrote on my Twitter that upset you?” “Uh, um, ugg…” You get the picture.

The culture in Britain that allowed Tommy Robinson to become the famous persona he is today is one of suppression and censorship. When Tommy Robinson critiques the government or Islam, he does it factually and politely. He always cites his sources. Further, it’s rare the man loses his composure. His criticisms of Islam come verbatim from the religion’s holy scripture and record of human rights abuse around the world, including the systemic abuse of homosexuals, women, and rarely children in Muslim-majority nations. He confronts Islamic community leaders and asks them about their thoughts on specific sections of religious texts or recent events. It’s above reasonable that Tommy and his supporters don’t want that kind of behavior coming to the United Kingdom.

A creepy poster making sure that everyone who passes it knows they're being watched and kept "safe" by government surveillance
This real and extremely creepy poster near a British “tube” station tells you all you need to know about the UK’s fetish for violating privacy

Popularity for the British populist really exploded when the United Kingdom got serious about silencing dissent and wrongthink. There have been recent efforts in the UK culturally and legally to ban and outlaw speech that the authorities deem to be “hateful.” What constitutes hate speech is no longer limited to “fighting words,” statements that express and motivate direct violent actions against a group or their property, but has been broadened to include what can be seen as reasonable dialogue. For example, in the United Kingdom, it is culturally egregious and at times illegal to talk about the state of mass migration. Support taking in lower numbers of refugees for economic reasons (the country can’t afford it)? That’s racist hate speech and could be illegal! Not to mention how comfortable the British government is watching every move their population makes and devoting hundreds of officers to scour Twitter 24/7 for trolls and people daring to question der government. It’s not like there are real crimes to prevent and investigate. Hurt feelings take the priority in British policing.

UK lawmakers and cultural leaders have deliberately made it very difficult or impossible to talk openly and objectively about immigration. This is an affront to freedom; all policies are fair game for criticism and discussion. Nothing is off limits when it comes to a nation and the will of its democratic population. Britain’s censorship of the issue and others across society have formed a deep seeded anger in the British people that is now blossoming into a fully grown rage flower; it’s the same energy that propelled Tommy Robinson and his dissenting reporting to stardom.

It was uplifting to see tens of thousands of regular British people march against Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment. The movement to free him from his unjustified arrest gained serious international support. #FreeTommy trended worldwide multiple times, and, again, most importantly, the British people took to the streets and demanded action. Eventually the pressure boiled over and the British courts were moved to act, bringing us to where we are today and Tommy’s pseudo freedom. It’s good he was released. For the crime of questioning the government, Tommy Robinson spent most of his three months of prison in solitary confinement and lost nearly 30 pounds. There is no arguing against the harm his time in prison did to his health. Simply cruel and unusual punishment. And prison for what? Reporting on a child rape gang trial – the kind of thing the mainstream media should be doing but won’t touch with a 50 foot pole!

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The United Kingdom is lucky to have people like Tommy Robinson asking questions and keeping people honest when so many “leaders” just want to sit back and melt into the shadows. Tommy Robinson symbolizes something many British people have lost – Hope. Hope in the future. Hope in positive discussion. Hope in getting their voices back after decades of having it slowly taken away.

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