racist Sarah Jeong looks over her shoulder at the incredible mess she's created for her confusingly loyal employers, the NYT

The New York Times has reaffirmed its support for its newest and most controversial editor, the hateful and racist Sarah Jeong. While the Times itself and left-wing progressives have dismissed the very real and serious criticisms of her hateful online ramblings as trolling or, get this, racism against a person of color, it’s not hard to see why this whole situation has exploded. Indeed, the biggest mistake the New York Times has made is standing with this very confused, very hateful person.

Times' writer and editor Sarah Jeong is clearly racist
Times’ writer and editor racist Sarah Jeong spews hateful nonsense on Twitter over a multiyear period

Jeong’s defense is that her years of documented racist tweets (spanning from 2013-2015) are “counter trolling.” This thinly veiled attempt to cover her behind and repugnant, disgusting hatred of all white people should have been laughed at by the New York Times and she should have been sent packing the second her views became known to the Times. Instead, they have decided to go all in with what little shreds of credibility they have left and defend Sarah, thus endorsing her racist views against white people. Then they wonder why people call them┬áfake news?

Why would a supposedly unbiased beacon of free and fair journalism, the New York Times, hire and risk its reputation for such a clearly hateful and mediocre at best talent?

In today’s culture, there simply is no excuse for the hateful rhetoric spewed over such an extensive (or any) period of time by racist Sarah Jeong. Saying that racism doesn’t apply if the victim is white is both illogical and disgusting. The rules must apply equally to everyone, or not at all. It’s not something that can be negotiated or cancelled on a whim because the outcome doesn’t favor or advance your political agenda; if we are to have a fair society, then the standards of bigotry and hatred cannot be nullified when thrown towards any group of people. To understand the egregiousness of the situation, substitute the word “white” for “black,” “jewish,” or “muslim.” You can guarantee that miss Jeong would be unemployed in a heartbeat if her target was any of the aforementioned protected groups, but because she hates white people, that is supposed to be okay? No.

When the shoe’s on the other foot

#WalkAway┬áproponent and commentator Candace Owens reposted some of the most ridiculous tweets by racist Sarah Jeong but replaced the word “white” with “black” and “jewish.” Her account was immediately issued a twelve hour suspension. Meanwhile, Sarah’s Twitter remains active as of the time that this article was published and she remains an editor with the NYT. Twitter doesn’t care if you’re racist against white people. The New York Times will pay you and give you employment if you’re racist against white people.

What is it going to take for people to realize that this isn’t the way it should be? Fairness means applying rules equally to everyone, not just when it’s convenient or beneficial. It’s time to see people for who they are, and not just the color of their skin; judge them based on their merits and actions. Sarah Jeong is a racist and there’s no excuse for her behavior.

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