Rick and Morty embrace each other after reading the horrific dung showrunner Dan Harmon posts online
Rick and Morty embrace each other after reading the horrific dung showrunner Dan Harmon posts online

Anyone who’s ever seen Rick and Morty or Community can tell you that the inner workings of Dan Harmon’s mind are indeed an enigma. While it’s impossible to argue against his incredible creative and writing talents, his personal opinions and lesser-known “comedy” from over the years are nowhere near funny. They’re disturbing and clearly the creation of a sick individual.

In one 2009 sketch that’s dreadfully difficult to find video of due to its graphic nature but that has been widely and reputably reported, Dan Harmon plays a therapist who convinces fathers that sexually assaulting their infant children will prevent them from turning in to murderers. He then proceeds to “break in” to his clients homes and assault their children, represented by dolls. The Irish Times has the barf-inducing details. In another short video posted more recently, a real infant appears to caress Dan Harmon. It’s not clear what the child is touching, but given the context and the opinions Dan has shared, it’s certainly disturbing. Dan should not be allowed anywhere near children.

Despite the anger and petitions for Dan to be fired, loyal Rick and Morty fans, who everyone knows have incredibly high IQs (you need to be really smart to get the show), and leftists have rallied around him. The Rick and Morty creator is the latest casualty in a crusade of sorts against people who are vehemently anti-Trump.

The Hollywood elite are learning that they cannot hide in the shadows. Often, those who speak the loudest have the most to hide. Left-wing enthusiasts are not taking this campaign well, even though the results are that terrible people are exposed for the terrible things they’ve said and done. To them, someone who is anti-Trump cannot be wrong or morally compromised, and to say otherwise is fascism. Imagine the mental gymnastics one would have jump through to reach that conclusion!

His downfall doesn’t simply represent the consequences of his actions to brainwashed / brain dead political ideologues; it represents the persecution of an innocent and outspoken man who happens to have pushed a “joke” too far. This is, of course, complete nonsense. Dan’s repeated comments and creations over the years could more accurately be seen as a confession from a man who’s being ripped apart by his inner, dark desires. That’s for law enforcement to decide.

As of the end of June, Dan had deleted his Twitter account, but Cartoon Network, the company that distributes and produces Rick and Morty, had no plans to cancel it or remove Harmon from the team as of August 5th

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Even the creator of Rick and Morty is fair game

Donald Trump was immensely criticized for a tape of him and a TV personality from 2005 in which he explains to the celebrity, while thinking they’re off camera, that as a billionaire mogul, women throw themselves at him. The infamous soundbite heard ’round the world from that clip was the part where Trump said that if he wanted, the groupies would let him “grab them by the pussy.” He dismissed the conduct as “locker room talk” when the opposition mainstream media used the soundbite as a weapon in the 2016 election. Indeed, the soundbite did not stump the Trump; while what he said was juvenile, he did not, at any point, suggest sexual assault or harassment, nor did he say he participated in it. He stated a fact: Some women throw themselves at rich, famous men, as do some men throw themselves at rich women.

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The point is, if such a mild and mundane clip from more than ten years ago is fair game for criticism and attack, why is an incredibly disturbing video of Dan Harmon’s baby rape fantasy off limits? It isn’t. There are some things you can’t come back from and this is one of them.

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