Bias is Natural for all, even bureaucrats.
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Bias is part of being human.

Evidently, some conservatives have not got the memo that humans comprise the bureaucracy. Some bureaucrats detest stupidity and unworthy politicians.

There is now an uproar about anti-Trump comments made in private text messages by two FBI agents. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page exchanged these comments during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Both went on to serve – briefly – on the Robert Mueller team. Conservatives, especially on the House side, are using the texts to discredit the Mueller inquiry.

On Wednesday, Jim Jordan, Republican from Ohio, said that the public did not trust the Mueller probe. Perhaps that is true in the Fox News world that he inhabits.

Not so long ago, the FBI was known as “Trumplandia.” Agents leaked material damaging to Hillary Clinton days before the election.

Conservative ire about bias is not restricted to the bureaucracy. The media and academia are also targets.

Bias in the Media

Trump and his conservative disciples regularly attack the mainstream media.  This includes the major networks and newspapers.

At the same time, there is little complaint about the conservative preference on Fox News and a host of local TV stations. These outlets provide the platform for conservative kooks and set and frame the agenda for millions.

Similarly, the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal and many local newspapers are partial to conservatives. We rarely hear liberals complain about it.

In this age of media proliferation, you don’t have to watch a channel or read a newspaper whose views you don’t like.   Switch the channel or pick up another paper.

Apart from the media, higher education is another sector which conservatives love to hate.

Bias in Higher Education

In higher education, the favoritism charges go to two areas.

One is the lack of platforms for conservative speakers. The other is the ideological composition of the faculty.

Of course, some institutions have gone to absurd lengths of political correctness. They shield students from unpleasant facts and speakers.

However, there is a distinction between respectable conservatives and right-wing extremists. Understandably, institutions don’t want to spend their hard-earned dough on security to prevent violence because of the latter.

When it comes to faculty prejudices, I know something about this. I have spent decades in higher education.

True, some social sciences and humanities faculty are liberal – to a certain extent.  When it comes to what I call North-South issues – gender, sexual orientation, and race – many are quite conservative.

Further, I have come across many conservative professors in economics, business, the sciences, management, and professional areas.

In addition, there are other important areas of our society with a conservative predisposition.

Bias for Conservatives

You rarely hear grievances about the conservative bias in most sectors – with one exception.  Liberals do protest about law enforcement prejudices.

Many members of law enforcement have a military background. You rarely hear grumbling about the military’s pro-conservative feelings.

Business and finance are other vital areas filled with people opposed to liberal ideas. After all, they mainly support the Republican party.

Instead of grumbling, conservatives ought to realize that bias is a two-way street.

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