A bombing in the Port Authority bus station rocks the morning commuters of New York City (AP).

Here we are again.

Thursday morning, New Yorkers’ daily morning commutes were interrupted when a bomb went off in the Port Authority bus station.

The New York Times reports that the bomber, identified as Akayed Ullah, 27, chose this location because of “its Christmas-themed posters.” The bomb, as Ullah put it, was in retaliation for the U.S. airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria and other areas.

Once again, we have a radical Islamic terrorist hell-bent on killing American citizens and sowing terror. Once again, the President’s policy preferences towards strict scrutiny, strong vetting and, yes, a travel ban are vindicated.

Ullah was admitted into the United States by way of an F43 visa, which is given to distant family members of American citizens. This process, identified by critics as “chain migration” is rightfully the first target of the Trump administration’s quest to secure the nation.

If we are ever going to switch to a fully merit-based immigration system, as we should, then it must not be possible for unqualified, unskilled and dependent distant family members to come into the country. To some extent, the American immigration system is rigorous because the hopeful would-be-resident must show that he or she is willing to acclimate and embrace our values.

Their distant family members don’t have to face any such scrutiny. Thus, these immigrants end up forming exclusive communities comprised of their own ilk. The result is entire swaths of cities becoming inaccessible to the general public due to crime, language barriers and other challenges.

Akayed Ullah, 27, was an immigrant from Bangladesh who became radicalized by ISIS and carried-out the attack. (Reuters)

Ullah was one such youth who could not acclimate into American society. He lived in Brooklyn, where he was a licensed cab driver up until two years ago. At some point since then, he became radicalized and opted to try and take out as many innocent bystanders as possible.

Thankfully, his plan did not go off as intended.

This is just the latest in a string of terrorist attacks happening around the world and in the United States. The American Left has virtually rolled over on it, saying it is more important that American citizens go about their days and, essentially, do nothing.

It’s ironic, their logic towards terrorist attacks is exactly the logic they criticize in the wake of mass shootings. That they are virtually impossible to track or predict and, thus, any policy changes wiuld be futile. The difference is that terrorists have motives, but guns do not. Terrorists are actively trying to kill us and guns (held by our brave military and border patrol agents) are all that’s stopping them from doing so.

The Port Authority bombing, along with every other American attack by a radical Islamic terrorist, should end the debate. The fact is, we need stronger vetting and border lockdowns. It only takes one opening in the armor, one slip through the tracks, to end in tragedy. Many immigrants are, inherently, kind people. But, there are many who pursue devious motives. Our ability to filter out the good and the evil is not just a political one; it is, truly, a difference of life versus death.

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