GOP Values Change
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GOP values have changed over time.

Befitting the Republican conservative roots, changes in GOP values used to be incremental. Not anymore: especially under Donald Trump, the transformations have been radical.

To some extent, the modifications of what the GOP holds dear is natural. Parties evolve to accommodate different contexts, voters, and supporters.

Nevertheless, it is astonishing to see the speed of changes that Trump has wrought in the Republican party. Of course, both adhere to some old GOP values.

GOP Values of Old

As the tax cut plans show, the GOP is still the rich folks’ party.  The Republican tax bill shows a clear favoritism towards the wealthy.

The GOP’s pro-business tilt, shown in the tax bill, is also apparent in the GOP crusade against regulations. From net neutrality to the environment, the GOP and Trump are throwing out rules that protect the public.

Wealthy Trump and his Republican cohort are “former” business owners. Thus, their worship of tax-cuts and deregulation should come as no surprise.

When it comes to religion, the GOP has long been the party of the “moral majority.” Especially since the 1980s, Republicans and fundamentalist Christians have joined together to promote their causes.

For example, this GOP-fundamentalist coalition has campaigned against abortion and for religious liberty.  Post 9/11, their support for religious freedom has become contextual.

GOP Values in Post 9/11 Era

9/11 changed everything.” After the September 11 terrorist attacks, we began to see the GOP steps and hatred against Muslims.

True, then-President George W. Bush did go out of his way to make clear his Global War on Terror was not a war on Islam.  In practice, many of the policy actions targeted Muslims.

Domestically, mosques were surveilled. Immigrants from Muslim countries had to register in a scheme reminiscent of the Nazi era.

Indeed, much of the anti-immigrant measures had its roots in this era.  It was Bush who created the Department of Homeland Security. Both the DHS and Justice Department became less forgiving of immigrant infractions.

Always pro-security, the GOP became even more slavishly devoted to the security-defense apparatus. Apparently, deficits and debt did not matter when it came to throwing money at the various security and defense organizations.

GOP Values in Trump Era

From Trump to Roy Moore, the GOP now doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with sexual misconduct. To be fair, minor Republicans have resigned. Overall though, the party is now the “Grand Old Perverts” party.

GOP values currently include racism and prejudice against minorities.  From Trump on down to Congressmen like Steve King of Iowa, the GOP’s dislike of minorities is now in the open.

Indeed, Trump and King illustrate the GOP values of stupidity and incompetence.  The process probably began with Sarah Palin’s nomination as Veep candidate by John McCain.

In the GOP of today, we have some stellar examples of stupidity and incompetence. Rick Perry at the Energy Department, Rex Tillerson at the State Department, and Jim Inhofe in the Senate are just three exemplars.

These GOP values are just in the domestic area. Changes in GOP foreign policy values would be a whole another article.

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