Overturning Trumptax is Possible
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Overturning Trumptax should be the top priority for Democrats in the next few elections.

Apart from Bob Corker, no Republican Senator was bold enough to stand against Trump’s tax bill passage. GOP hypocrisy about fiscal conservatism was on full display on Saturday.

Somehow, I doubt Republican Representatives are going to be principled at the next stage. That’s the conference committee, where House and Senate versions of Trumptax will be reconciled.

At least in the short-term, Democrats have little leverage to stop Trumptax.  However, overturning Trumptax will require planning.

Overturning Will Require A Plan

Ever since Obamacare began, Republicans opposed it. Even though 188 Republican amendments were in Obamacare, the GOP started calling for “repeal and replace” as soon as they were in power.

In the seven years of Obamacare, the Republicans were unable to come up with one plan. Other than the slogan of “repeal and replace,” they were not able to agree on much.

Consequently, when the GOP got control over the levers of DC power, they were unable to unify around an appealing replacement. Obamacare is still in effect.

Democrats must not make the same mistake. Working with the many economists aghast at Trumptax, they should come up with a simple plan to appeal to most Americans.

Overturning Trumptax: Keep it Simple

For the average person, talk of deficits and debt make one’s eyes glaze over.  Instead, Democrats must focus their rhetoric on people’s take-home pay.

A simple way to increase people’s take-home pay is to cut the payroll tax. This measure should be something that all Democrats should unify around.

Increased take-home pay for most poor and middle-class people means they spend more. Families that make up to $150,000 account for 82 percent of consumer spending.

Consumer spending drives demand which boosts the economy and creates jobs. This fact is why everyone closely parses Black Friday and Christmas spending.

Overturning Will Need Unity

Yes, I recognize that cutting the payroll tax will impact on government revenue. But Democrats could unify around other tax hikes to compensate.

Sure, many Democratic politicians depend on fat-cat donors. These donors include both corporations and individuals who might lobby against raising taxes.

However, Democrats also get money from sensible wealthy individuals, corporations, trade unions, and small donors. This coalition should get together to do three things.

First, they will need to fund Democratic candidates committed to overturning Trumptax. Second, they should educate the public about the Trumptax gimmicks. And third, they should fight voter suppression and get out the vote in the next elections.

Overturning TrumpTax: Vote

Elections have consequences. If Democrats are serious about ending our Trumpist nightmare, they will have to fight furiously to win elections.

Remember, Republicans are going to lie and cheat shamelessly to win the elections. Thanks to Trumptax, they will have oodles of money from plutocrats to protect their interests.

Whichever kind of Democrat you are, sitting out an election because you don’t like the eventual Democrat nominee won’t help in overturning Trumptax.

Republicans are supporting Trump and Roy Moore, despite their imperfections. To overturn Trumptax, Democrats may also have to settle for less than perfect candidates.

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