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CNN (Cable News Network) has never been a favorite of President Donald Trump. On Saturday, Trump expressed his displeasure with the network on Twitter.

[email protected] is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!

Rightly, the network quickly responded that its job was not to represent the country but report the news.

Trump seemed to have forgotten that it is him and the State Department that should embody the country. Unfortunately, the two are doing a terrible job.

Various surveys have show that US reputation has fallen since Trump came to power. Under Rex Tillerson, the State Department is a ghost of its former self.

Nevertheless, Trump did get one thing right in his tweet. Purely from a quantitative point of view, Fox News is the leader in cable rankings

CNN Versus Fox News: Quantity

According to the July Nielsen reports, Fox News is the most watched cable news network for 62 straight quarters. For the 2017 Q2, eight of the top ten shows with the largest audiences was also on Fox.

To some extent, this should come as no surprise. It is increasingly older people who watch TV.  Older people tend to be more conservative and will find Fox News appealing.

However, as even Trump acknowledged, global reach is another matter. I have traveled to over 17 countries, and Fox News was a rare presence overseas.

On the other hand, CNN is a regular brand on most hotel televisions. The network is a reliable source of news, especially in places where Internet coverage is blocked or unreliable.

When it comes to quality, CNN beats Fox News handily.

CNN Versus Fox News: Quality

With world-class anchors, CNN is the go-to source for reporting and commentary that are of high quality. Sure, sometimes they over-hype and go overboard with glitzy graphics.

By contrast, most of the Fox News show hosts are of the Bill O’Reilly blowhard type. They make Fox News more of an opinion network than a news network.

Sometimes, the Fox News hosts make statements and comments that are head-scratching.  Even a stalwart conservative like Bruce Bartlett called the three hosts of Fox and Friends “idiots.”

Stupidity and bigotry make regular appearances on Fox News shows. Examples include “terrorism experts” Sebastian Gorka and Steve Emerson.

Unfortunately, quality might take a back-seat to business.

CNN and Business Versus Freedom

Trump has made no secret of his opposition to a merger between AT & T and Time-Warner. The latter owns CNN.

Now the Justice Department has raised objections to the merger.  There are suspicions that Trump’s criticisms of CNN have influenced the Department.

Reports – subsequently denied, to be fair – suggested that AT & T would have to sell CNN for the deal to go through. The network’s sale to less well-heeled owners could be a threat to its freedom.

With the awesome power of government, Trump could make all media outlets suffer. Only patriotism will ensure that media keep “comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable.”


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