Texas Church Shooting

Yet another mass shooting has taken place in the United States of America. 26 people lost their lives with another 20 being injured in a church shooting in Texas. Once more, it has brought up the ever growing issue of gun violence in America. Not all the facts have been released at this moment in time but we do have enough to go on currently.

If any more information is released then a second article will be written up. For now though, this is all the information we have on the Texas shooting.

Who, but more importantly, why?

The attackers name was Devin Patrick Kelley, a 26 year old former marine. He purchased a Ruger AR-556 in April 2016. As for the “former marine”, he was discharged in 2010, and court-marshalled in 2012 for assaulting his wife and child. He spent a year in prison for this, and was still able to purchase a rifle. On top of this he received a bad conduct discharge in 2014, with his rank also being reduced.

What I don’t understand is what would possess someone to consider carrying out an attack like this. There is no reason to do so, and we’ll probably never know his motif. The attack occurred at 11:20 a.m. inside of a local church. According to an eye witness the attacker crossed the street from a gas station and began to fire on the church before going inside. According to eye witnesses, Kelley was wearing a ballistic vest and carrying an assault rifle.

The shooter fled the church with civilians in pursuit. After a brief chase with the police, officers found Kelley in his car, dead of a gunshot wound. Many eye witnesses and those interviewed have noted how small a community the town is. As usual, the event was unexpected, but to be fair when is a shooting ever expected?

President Trump’s statement

People are once again impressed by a borderline fine statement. There is no call to action during this time all he can do is offer prayers. At this point what can he actually do? He’s not going to take a stand against the NRA or gun lovers, especially considering he received $6.5 million off of them during his campaign run. To be fair, that was only one account of the many NRA donations. 

Don’t ever expect the President of the United States to make a stand on gun control. Not just because that isn’t in his interest, but also because he is in the pocket of the NRA. The amount of power they have over the American political system is obvious. If Trump wants to drain the swamp then the best place to start would be with the NRA’s influence.

People offered their thoughts and prayers, although considering they were in church when the shooting occurred, the last thing they need are more thoughts and prayers. What they need more than anything right now is the courage to take action against crimes like this. The only way of solving a problem is to first acknowledge that there is one. It’s clear to many that America does in fact have a problem with it’s gun laws.

Is it time to take away the 2nd Amendment Right?

I always like to make sure people understand the definition of amendment when I write these news reports. An amendment is a minor improvement on a text that can be improved on again. These amendments are pretty much looking back over your work and remarking it. That’s the basic equivalent. However there is some fascination in regard to the second amendment.

This fascination is most probably because it gives all American people the right to bear arms. Some have called for tighter gun control, and the main argument is that it is in breach of their freedom. The only question I have is should your freedom to carry a rifle cost 26 lives? Kelley purchased an AR-556 rifle legally from an Academy Sports & Outdoors store in San Antonio, Texas.

Unlike the shooting in Las Vegas, the weapon used here was legally attained. Without a doubt it should be up to the store’s to make sure they do a background check too. As I said earlier, Kelley did time in prison for assaulting his wife and child. Should his background have been checked more thoroughly? Absolutely it should have. To me it really highlights how lax gun control laws are in America right now. At the very least they need tightening.

Creating heroes

I should point out briefly that a civilian who was in the shooting actually pursued the attacker. According to a few eye witness accounts and local media, the civilian pursued the shooter in his car with a rifle. Really it’s an argument against taking away the rights of guns away from Americans, right? If he weren’t there then the shooter may have escaped, right? Regardless of what it adds to the debate it’s an extremely brave gesture.

Was it safe? No, probably not. It’s a matter of fight or flight response in that instance though. Luckily the man who chased after the shooter has not been harmed as far as the media is aware.

What to expect next

It’s quite interesting as to what will happen over the next few days in regard to these events. I was watching This Morning and Piers Morgan was shouting at the same guy who was on when the Las Vegas attacks occurred. Currently we’re in a cycle of terrorism. A terrorist attack occurs, thoughts and prayers, call for gun reformation, and by Thursday you’ve done your bit and gone back to yelling about Harvey Weinstein.

This is the fault of the media, sure, but it does open up the idea that we should in fact be doing something about this. Gun control won’t just solve itself, nor will these attacks on innocent people. One of the most important things to do at a time like this is to actually take action. At the very least there needs to be a reform on gun control. If there isn’t then there will be more attacks like this, I can guarantee it. Not as big as the Las Vegas attack, but still an example of why now is the time to be talking about gun control.

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