Antifa Plan Violence Nov-4
(AP) Masked Antifa member burns American flag.

The so-called November 4th protests were meant to be highlight of Antifa’s year of resistance. Instead, it turned in to a massive pity party.

The crisp New York morning enjoyed a light breeze, a weekend rush of tourists and shoppers, and typical Big Apple traffic. Indeed, all was it is always is – just another day in the big city. Of course, it wasn’t supposed to be that way.

Just a few days ago, the city was hit by a terrorist for the first time since 9/11. 11/4 was also expected to have some terrorist event, though not by radical Islmaists. These terrorist were the radical, militant, intolerant and unhinged Left – Antifa.

Today was supposed to be the day when the city of New York was stopped dead-cold, awashed by a tide of black hoods and ski masks, baseball bats and smokescreen, fire and blood.

Instead, New York City persisted. Antifa, for all its self-proclaimed supremacy, failed to amass any impressive numbers beyond their usual temper tantrums.

NYC was not the only city meant to be brought to heel by these terrorists today. Antifa hooligans swamped social media channels informing their salient audience with meeting times, calls to uprising and over-the-top rhetoric.

Words like “civil war” and “supersoldiers” were uttered in quiet chatrooms and public forums throughout the internet – though not entirely by the Left.

Far-right conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones had been saying that this would be an apocalyptic event as well. Clickbait was boosted and sponsored across platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The event was set to start at 2pm and had over a thousand pledged to attend. By 2:30pm there were merely 300 people on Times Square, according to the NYPD officers monitoring the event. Their message was the usual “Refuse Fascism” complimented by agitators who handed out leaflets and propaganda for the Revolutionary Communist Party. None of the militants or their “supersoldier” comrades appeared.

Five Trump supporters arrived to stage a defiant counter-protest.

“Thought there would be more of them,” said Christopher Lehmann, a 56-year-old Trump supporter from New Jersey. I thought there would be more of us too.” Clad in a big ol’ “Trump” jacket and holding a big American flag (it was not clear if the flag immediately compelled Leftists to kneel), he said that he came because “someone had to come to support the president.”

On the other side, the event was hyped up primarily by the Refuse Fascism group. Spokewoman Andy Zee revealed to Newsweek that the group had paid for advertising in The New York Times.


When asked to explain the movement she so boldly represented, Zee said “What Trump and his administration are doing could pose an existential threat to humanity. We’re in one of the most perilous moments in history right now.”

Apparently, many of her comrades sympathized, but not very many of them were actually willing to leave the basement and attend the protest.

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