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The title of this article is the only funny message I can pull out of this article so appreciate that. Noted Hollywood actor and Academy Award winner, Kevin Spacey, has been accused of sexual misconduct. The claim comes out amongst the ever growing Weinstein scandal, and that may be one of the reasons for this story breaking. Spacey, to many, has handled the situation thus far extremely poorly and for the most part has offended and disgusted many people. This will of course be discussed later in this article.

At the time of writing I’m going to presume more information will be released. It’s only been a day or so and in that time something drastically large could happen. All that remains is to look at what has been revealed so far.

What happened

In the early hours of Monday morning, actor Anthony Rapp released a statement saying that Spacey had made a sexual advance toward him. This had apparently happened thirty years ago, which would have made Rapp a minor at the age of fourteen. Spacey at this time was 26. Rapp has stated that the reason he is sharing the story is that the Weinstein revelations gave him the courage to do so.

A statement on Twitter revealed that he had no further comment at this time. His statement can be found below.

“I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out to shine a light and hopefully make a difference, as they have done for me. Everything I wanted to say about my experience is in that article, and I have no further comment about it at this time.

Spacey’s Statement

The statement Kevin Spacey has given has been criticised for a number of reasons. The main criticism is that there seems to be some attempt at linking homosexuality with paedophilia. Amongst many irate Twitter users, Rosie O’Donnell replied with;

“u don’t remember the incident – 30 years ago? fuck u kevin – like harvey we all knew about u – i hope more men come forward @KevinSpacey”

Amidst the ever growing allegations towards Harvey Weinstein, there have been vocal opinions stating that these people should have spoken out if they knew of their behaviour. Should Rosie O’Donnell have spoken up about his behaviour at an earlier date then? Personally I think she should be held to the same standard as everyone else. If she had known for so long then she should have came forward and stated something. That is if people are being criticised for not speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, the same should apply to anyone that knows of any information about either men.

As far as the statement goes, it is definitely obvious why it is being criticised. Although it is technically his right to come out when he feels ready, it does seem like he’s wanting to deflect a lot of it by stating this. The LGBTQ community is rightly offended by this as it does have clear links between homosexuality and paedophilia.

House of Cards cancelled

Spacey played the lead role in the Netflix original series House of Cards

Although it was in the pipeline for some time, House of Cards has in fact now been cancelled completely. It seems that the right time to cancel the show was when Spacey was receiving heavy amounts of public backlash.

See, I ordered the box set of this a couple days ago but now I’ve refunded my order. Not because of what Spacey did though. I’ve decided to receive it as a Christmas gift instead. I don’t think boycotting the work he has done is going to be of any use. He’s already done that work and you most probably enjoyed it. Just because his actions are universally panned, that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to enjoy his performances. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying his performances either.

It should also be noted that Spacey has had his International Emmy award revoked. Netflix as a company have stated that they are deeply troubled over the revelations. Three spin-offs to the show have been announced. If anything that does seem to be because of the obvious success of the show. However in the current climate it would damage the image of Netflix if they were to continue the show.

The Weinstein Scandal

Of course this links in with the Weinstein scandal. If it weren’t for the outing of Weinstein as a sexual predator then we wouldn’t be hearing anything about what Kevin Spacey has been up to. It’s definitely a good thing that this has come out, because if it hadn’t he wouldn’t be held responsible for what he has allegedly done. But that’s what it is right now, an allegation. Spacey denied having any recollection of the incident, so it may very well be a ruse. The chances of this being false though are very slim.

There are of course those who believe the story against Spacey to be a false one. Some arguments include it’s a bit fishy that he now is no longer giving any further comment when it is at this time a further comment is needed. That’s basically the only argument people have at this stage. Really at this time it’s when people need and want to hear more about the situation that is developing. For those not in the Hollywood bubble though this doesn’t go beyond “Oh, they cancelled House of Cards.”

Obviously it’s up to Spacey to act in a respectful manner at this time. He apologised in his statement, yes, but the backlash from the statement itself has now become the centre of this story. You can see why that’s happened as well, can’t you? He basically linked homosexuality with paedophilia. It seems that a lot of people are focusing on that aspect of the story rather than, you know, the sexual advances he made. People are more annoyed by the statement than the actions by the looks of it.

By the looks of it, the last thing a celebrity needs right now is any form of publicity.

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