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If you weren’t paying attention these past few months you may need to be brought up to speed. The right wing in Britain has fallen apart. The Conservatives are in a state of confusion and wild disorder. But who’s fault is it? My generation is probably the biggest problem to the values of traditionalists. It’s all thanks to one man that we’re able to express this new wave of views though. Jeremy Corbyn is the reason the youth are able to fight back against austerity and right wing rule. However it’s important that we look at how this has happened. More importantly, how and why does he appeal to the youth?

A shift from “New Labour”

One of the main reasons Corbyn is so popular right now is that he is the shift Labour needed. No longer are they the party Tony Blair was in charge of. If anything, Blair was pretty much a Conservative. Margaret Thatcher once jokes that her greatest creation was in fact New Labour. So to make sure the Labour party moves away from this image of Blair and Brown is very beneficial.

Who better than Corbyn to lead this charge then? A man who has consistently opposed not just Thatcher but the policies of Blair and Brown also. I do honestly believe a socialist Britain could work under Corbyn. Clearly a few major changes are needed to his cabinet right now (Diane Abbot, Helen Goodman and Frank Field). But minor changes can go a long way to forming a bigger and better political party.

A reformed public image

Yes, that is actually Jeremy Corbyn’s snapchat username.

Did anyone here watch Glastonbury? I didn’t, mainly because my music is on Spotify. But I did tune in for one special segment this year. Jeremy Corbyn came onto the stage to thunderous claps and cheers. They were chanting his name, clearly the crowd were loving them. But dial it back a year and it was a very different opinion. It seemed that the public were out to get him this time last year. So it seems that Corbyn has taken this notice and reformed his public image.

Swanning about at Glastonbury is a sure fire hit with the youth voters, but so is visiting constituencies, which is what Corbyn has been doing consistently. He’s gone from retired geography teacher to looking like someone who is capable of leading the country. He’s connecting with the youth on platforms like Twitter and Snapchat. No, seriously, he’s got a Snapchat account and I suggest you add him. He has a Bitmoji too, I don’t even know what the hell that is but I’m sure it’s pretty down with the kids.

By using these new forms of social media he’s able to connect with the youth. Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat seem to be his three biggest platforms. Consistent updates from all of these lead to a larger following online. You don’t see Theresa May snapchatting her speeched do you? No, that’s because nobody wants to go and see her speak.

The weakened right

The biggest gain for Labour currently is how truly weak the Conservative party is. In essence they managed to cock up a snap election and lose their majority. From there they’re now having to deal with growing unrest from a fed up public and also the behemoth of a disaster that is Brexit. Either way, all of the blame from the next few months and years will be entirely on both May and the Conservatives. Brexit is May’s version of Blair and Iraq.

Ever since that snap election, Theresa May has been nothing more than a disaster. She pissed £1 billion up the wall on a deal with the DUP, who don’t actually support many of their decisions. Oh yeah, that deal is being taken to court on the grounds that it breaks the Bribery Act and Good Friday Agreements. Brexit is the least of their worries it seems. However saying that, it should be the least of their worries. David Davis has failed to make any form of impact on the negotiations so far.

As far as I’m concerned the right wing in Britain currently is at it’s lowest point so far. You’ve got far right groups like UKIP who are failing to do anything of note. At the same time you’ve got the Conservatives who are in a state of war with themselves. It’s like a mini civil war but if there are any casualties it’s only going to be the career of Theresa May. Her party do seem to be against her, there are rumours circulating and she can’t control them.

Just a quick footnote for this bit. Theresa May voted to remain in the European Union.


Bloody hell I have that exact same t-shirt. Somebody else shops at RedBubble, don’t they?

There is still a long way to go for the Labour party though. A noted number of their MPs just aren’t up to the standard that it really needs right now. Public ridicule from the right and centrists are making sure Labour is having a difficult time.

For how left wing I am, Corbyn is a step in the right direction. For many Labour supporters and left wingers, Corbyn is a return to the policies that made the party so successful. Have we ever had a truly left wing government in the past forty years? God no, but Corbyn is on the right track to changing that. Hopefully he can do it soon. He’s appealing to me because he’s turned himself into a very confident person. This confidence is shining through into his career as the Labour leader. His confidence is making me confident that we can have an actual left wing government.

Let’s think about it realistically. Theresa May will be used as a scapegoat after Brexit is cocked up entirely. There’ll be a leadership debate and it’ll probably be David Davis to take over. From there he’ll call a snap election to try and increase his majority. But from there, who knows what could happen. The mood will have shifted greatly. A new generation will be able to begin voting. The odds are in Corbyn’s favour on this one.


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