Netflix Price Increase
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Will the Netflix price increase affect its customer loyalty?  Customers on the Standard and Premium Plans will pay more.

I have been a customer for more than nine years.  The company’s relaxed approach to returning DVDs by postage-paid mail was refreshing.  Some readers may remember the high late fees charged by rental outfits like Blockbuster.

Netflix really changed our viewing culture in fundamental ways. Even if you lived in an isolated place, you had easy access to great and obscure films and television.

With its streaming options, Netflix became an attractive entertainment option. Binge-watching really took off with what used to be the “red envelope” company.

I think most customers will find the pros worth the Netflix price increase.

Netflix Price Increase: Good Reasons to Stay

According to many analysts, the Netflix price increase will likely help it to pay for more original content.

Netflix’s original content has received many rave reviews and Emmy nominations. There are so many good shows that it is hard to find time to watch all of them.

Some Netflix shows have called attention to serious issues. Recent examples include 13 Reasons Why (teen suicide) and To the Bone (anorexia).

Further, Netflix’s catalog includes Hollywood favorites and network shows, as well as movies and shows from foreign countries. Before watching some of the latter, I had not even heard of them.

For those of us who hate commercials and network dreck, Netflix is still the best alternative.  Particularly for cord-cutters who want to avoid cable gouging, having Netflix is a no-brainer.

Still, there are competitors who could take advantage of the Netflix price increase and other defects.

Netflix Price Increase: Alternatives

Currently, there are cheaper options to Netflix. Amazon Prime, with its perks, is already an attractive alternative to many. Hulu will also be attractive to the stingy, especially those who can put up with ads.

Moreover, Netflix has alienated some fans of shows that were cancelled, like Sense8. A few might now desert Netflix.

Additionally, studios like Disney are pulling content away from Netflix. This might be a factor for a few to drop Netflix now.

Most probably, these might not make a decisive dent in the Netflix subscription base. There might be other issues that may be far more influential.

Netflix Price Increase: Decisive Factors for Future

Strategically, I would question whether investing in original content production is the best vessel to pour the fruits from a Netflix price increase.

It would seem to me that it would be cheaper to use that money to get content. Independent and foreign sources of content would probably be quite inexpensive.

As a fan of independent and foreign movies, I have noticed a drop in those offerings by Netflix. When I went into its catalog today, the latest independent movie for offer by Netflix was from 2015, and there was one 2017 foreign movie.

I am also increasingly irritated by the Netflix choice carousel. There is no option to indicate that I have watched the movie and am therefore not interested. As a result, the same movies keep showing up in my choices.

Nevertheless, for now, I am likely to stay with Netflix.

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