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The Las Vegas terror attack is truly horrific. Fifty innocent people lost their lives with over four hundred injured in local hospitals. A general report on the events can be found here, this article will focus on the comments delivered by Donald Trump. A short speech was given by the President moments ago, and this article will pick apart any key pieces of information we received. It’s important to remember that currently not all of the information is confirmed. Nor is there information on aspects of this case, everything is in a moment of panic.

Overall statement

Just moments ago, President Donald Trump addressed the nation. He gave a short statement that lasted around five minutes or so. Within this statement he addressed the shooting and prayed for the victims and families. Overall it was actually quite a good statement. Trump handled it with a great amount of care and got his points across very clearly. He seemed to take a very somber tone throughout his speech.

Trump clearly condemned the attack in his speech, stating it was an “act of evil”. He also made a number of comments praising the local police force. Alongside this, Trump has stated he will be visiting Las Vegas on Wednesday. After the speech Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo tweeted the following.

“What a great pleasure to speak with our President @realDonaldTrump. Thank you for your phone call, your support and your prayers. #LVMPD”

What did Trump say?

Trump’s statement gave a brief detail of what had exactly happened. He also offered prayers to those that had been affected by the attack. Within his statement Trump said that America was in a state of “sadness, shock and grief” and that sentiment rings very true. Tributes from around the globe from the public and prominent celebrity figures have poured in rapidly.

A lot of comments are calling for stricter gun control laws. Of course that’s an important issue, but really it’s not the time or place for such comments, is it? The guns used in this attack were illegally purchased, fully automatic rifles are illegal.

Regardless of the legality though, Trump didn’t actually say all that much. He managed to condemn the attack and give his support to those that needed it. There was nothing wrong with his statement and he actually did do a pretty good job. This is the second time in his Presidency where Donald Trump has had to comfort and provide solace after a major shooting.

Honesty and comforting

I’d say those are honestly the two words that describe Trump’s speech the best. Look I’m no fan of Trump but he managed to bring the nation together in a calm manner. He admitted that there were few answers at this time and that’s all he needed to say.

Trump was briefed the Monday morning after the attack and addressed the nation only a few hours later. Given that he was given such a short time to prepare a statement, it’s definitely easy to commend him. To me, he’s put a foot right in his presidency, something he had done very few times to us left wingers.

As Trump stated in his statement, there is very little information to be given out right now. Very little is actually known about the attacker himself. ISIS have claimed that Stephen Paddock, the attacker, was a converter to ISIS. These claims are shaky, however have yet to be debunked. Trump did go on to praise the Las Vegas police department and go on to state that America was praying for the victims.

Reaction of others

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders called the attack a “horrific tragedy”. Trump ordered that the White House fly the flag at half mast out of respect for the victims of the horrible events of Sunday night in Las Vegas.

Trump does indeed intend on travelling to Las Vegas on Wednesday. On Tuesday he will be visiting flood victims in Puerto Rico, which is a whole other tragedy in itself. At the end of his speech, a journalist can be heard asking a question about Puerto Rico. It’s unintelligible to me what it was, however it wasn’t the time or place to ask.

Is it important that Trump responds to his comments on Puerto Rico? Yes, absolutely. But during this speech was most certainly not the time to do it. Obviously a number of people have been critical of gun control throughout this. While gun control within America is a huge issue, it doesn’t really have much to do with this one. How does a gun control law prevent an illegal weapon? Crackdown on crime? I’ve no idea, it’s just food for thought really. Gun control is important, but this situation couldn’t have been prevented through gun control laws.

What to expect

Over the next week or two we can expect a number of things to happen. An investigation into the attacker will be made. The news will be a constant barrage of nothing but more and more horrific news. Week in and week out it will be apparent that this is in fact one of the worst shootings of all time. Right now is a time of genuine panic and disorder, there are no facts to be presented that can provide comfort or solace.

I would definitely say that Trump has handled this situation rather well. Not as a whole, it’s too early to tell how he will handle the rest of it. What I meant is that he has in fact handled this statement with a certain grace. I’ve never seen a good Trump statement or speech I don’t think, but this recent one is definitely giving me hope.

Trump has managed to give a good statement that will definitely have brought some level of calm.  A definite characteristic of a leader is that you need to bring calm in moments of panic. This statement, if anything, has brought a definite level of calm to an otherwise horrible situation. An acceptance that things are currently unclear, and a praise of hardworking men and women who risked their lives last night.

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