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It has been a few hours since I last wrote about the despicable Las Vegas terror attack. A truly horrible event in the every sense of the word.When I checked the news, a lot had changed, therefore I need to do an update article. Now we had a look at Trump’s speech earlier, and some more information has also came out.

A lot has changed in the past few hours. Important information about both the attacker and the attack have been released. This is more or less just a follow up article to my initial article, which can be found here. As an article this will serve as corrections and fixes to any statements said in my other two previous articles.

There is of course some new information to be found in this article. Not only have there been some new developments but there has also been a rise in the death toll. Eye witness statements of the event have also been given. Everything is moving at a very fast pace right now and it’s hard for anyone to keep up. What makes it even more difficult is that we don’t even have all of the facts. A state of panic has washed over America, and, by the looks of things, the rest of the world also.

Trump’s Statement

After the attack, Trump gave a brief press statement in regard to the horrible events that took place. A more in depth look of that can be found here, but this will take account of the important bits. The statement itself was rather brief but got the point of the President across clearly.

Within the statement Trump clearly condemned the attack as evil, along with offering his and the nations support during this difficult time. He stated that America was in a state of “sadness, shock and grief”. On top of this he also ordered the flag to be flown at only half mast at the White House.

His response to these events was surprisingly Presidential. In my full, in depth analysis, I commented on how well rounded the statement as a whole was. Trump gave a very clear and concise message throughout and to be honest it’s one of his better public addresses. It seems to me that he did actually manage to calm the situation, even just a little bit. Within his statement he admitted that they didn’t currently have the answers to what was happening. There’s nothing wrong with telling people the truth like that.

Death toll on the rise

When I first checked the news only two people had died. Then this number hit fifty the next time I checked. Not only that but there were 406 innocent men, women and children injured too. Both of these numbers have now risen. The death toll is now at around 58, with the injuries reaching past 500. At least 58 killed and at least 515 injured. Those numbers are truly harrowing.

The crowd numbers had fluctuated rapidly from as few as 2,000 to as many as 40,000. It has now been confirmed that the size of the crowd was roughly 22,000. There have been some genuinely horrible reported stories from witnesses. From eye witness accounts of people plugging bullet holes to one man who died in a strangers arms. Quite genuinely it’s horrific to even think about, let alone to read and to see it.

Two sources from the scene have confirmed that there were a variety of weapons in use at the attack. Shots from both illegal fully automatic rifles and also handguns have been reported.

Can gun control prevent this?

The big argument now of course is what can gun control do? Well, it can do very little against illegal weapons. If someone wants to get a gun then they will eventually be able to purchase one. It is presumed that a majority of weapons in use at this shooting were illegally purchased.

Obviously it’s very up in the air right now about how Stephen Paddock, the killer, managed to get these weapons. Paddock was from Nevada, where gun laws are extremely loose. However, saying that, it is illegal across America to buy a fully automatic rifle. Although across America there are strict gun laws, Nevada seems to have taken a much more relaxed approach.

You don’t need a background check to buy a gun in Nevada. There is no waiting period on any weapon purchased in Nevada. Not only that but you don’t even have to register that you purchased the weapon. These basic rules for gun control aren’t held up in Nevada, and it seems apparent that this needs to change. It should be noted though, nobody knows where he got these weapons.

ISIS and what to expect next

ISIS did of course claim that they were behind the attack. When do they not claim that horrific violence is their fault? What’s interesting about this case though is that they claimed that Stephen Paddock was a convert to their cause. It’s very rare that ISIS will ever claim something so ridiculous. Right now, again, it’s very vague as to whether or not this claim can be any form of truth. We don’t know what the motif of Paddock was, and we probably never will.

But as of what to expect next, be ready for a number of different changes. There’ll be an increase on social media of people calling for stricter gun control laws. Nothing will be done about gun control, and it’ll only be a matter of time until the next attack. On top of that, there’ll be constant coverage on every news channel available. For the next week the news will circulate the story as much as possible.

And then, nothing. That’ll be it, the story is no longer profitable. A quick buzz and then nothing. The story will be dry, and the news will move on to the next big thing. Whether that’s something political, such as Catalonia gaining independence. That’s just an example, I’m not sure anyone cares at this given stage of time. This despicable attack has become the centre of attention, and rightly so. It’s horrible to think that the only time most of the world can come together is after a terrorist attack.

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