Trump Team: Clueless and Dangerous?
(Flickr/Erich Ferdinand) Clueless Rabbits

More examples of the clueless nature of Donald Trump’s administration have emerged in the last few days.

Taken aback by Roy Moore’s victory in the Alabama Senate primary, Trump deleted his tweets that had supported Luther Strange. Of course, the deletion raised legal issues.

Trump’s slow response to Puerto Rico raised specters of it being his Katrina. Instead of sympathy and swift action, Trump made excuses and blamed the island.

In foreign policy, Trump was unable to coherently explain why Sudan was dropped from the revised travel ban. Further, the reasons for Chad ‘s inclusion in the ban did not make sense.

Meanwhile, Cabinet members were probably taking cues in being clueless from their boss and senior White House staff like senior adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Clueless Jared

On Wednesday, a report emerged that Kushner had registered as a female voter. Naturally, this could be a harmless mistake.

However, this is just one in a series of paperwork that Kushner has filed carelessly. Reportedly, he had to file his national security questionnaire three times.

Kushner took credit for leading Trump to his presidential victory. But his role in White House politics has been less accomplished.

According to some reports, Kushner pushed Trump to fire FBI director James Comey. That decision may well rank as one of the worst Trump decisions in his first seven months.

Reports today are also blaming Kushner for getting Trump to back Luther Strange, the losing Alabama Senate candidate. If Moore wins as expected, the chances of Trump getting a bipartisan coalition are very low.

Republicans fumed at Secretary Clinton’s use of private e-mails. However, reports on Monday suggested that Kushner was one of at least six White House officials who used private e-mails. Are they clueless about this hypocrisy?

Being clueless appears to be part of many Cabinet members’ character too.

Clueless Cabinet Arrogance

As I previously wrote, the Trump team seems to have an entitlement culture. Clueless Cabinet members are flying high at government expense.

At last, Congress has now demanded answers on the use of private planes by Trump’s team. Even Trump himself expressed some displeasure about HHS Secretary Tom Price’s use of charter jets.

Another Cabinet member, Trump’s EPA Secretary, has apparently spent $25,000 for a “secure, soundproof communication booth.” Apparently, he can’t use the one already there.

Clueless Danger

Both Republicans and Trump have been clueless about policy and politics. Sometimes, it puts our lives in danger.

The failure of the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bid revealed Trump-Republican naivete. With a tight Senate majority, they should have known that getting all their Senators to agree on one bill would not be easy.

In foreign policy, threatening and ridiculing North Korea publicly has raised fears of nuclear war. We have a spectacle of leaders and their minions exchanging insults as a feature of international relations.

As if dealing with a nuclear North Korea is not enough, now we have Trump threatening to walk back on the Iran nuclear deal.

People are waking up to Trump incompetence, hopefully. He is already the “least popular president in modern history.”

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