No More Room In Hell

Have you ever played a game that is so fun that you just can’t put into words how much of a good experience it is? That game to me is No More Room in Hell, a free game on Steam. How the hell does a free game like this make me unable to explain how great it is? Very simple really, it does a lot of things very right, and I appreciate that. I’m not saying other games do so much wrong, but No More Room in Hell is one of those games. You know the ones I mean.

The greatest part about the game is the environment it creates. Quite simply put it is one of the most tense and frustrating games I have ever played in a very long while. Now I do mean tension as in the good sort of tension. Like when you’re playing Rainbow Six: Siege on ranked. That type of tension. Your team are relying on you and if you cock it up then you’re to blame. The game can get away with this tension as well.

None of the cock ups in the game are ever a fault of the game. If you do something wrong then it is your doing. You can’t blame buggy AI or poor design because the game is truly stellar in both regards. So by making sure everything is working so well, the game creates a very real sense of it being down to you. Every little decision you make is completely your choice. It can mean life or death quite literally.

There is a very real sense of value throughout the game. The way I convinced my friends to play this with me was telling them what happened in one game. To set off the train you have to push a button, this button was behind a horde of zombies. Given that everybody else was unwilling to, I ran around the horde and pushed the button. With no actual way out and with no hope of wading through, I had only one choice. I blew my brains out with a revolver. To have all of the other players type “GG” in the chat was just heart warming.

Moments like that within this game are frequent, it was a great boost to my ego. One of the problems I had was I was always looking out for number one. A friend of mine got bitten, I had a medipack but what happens if I’m bitten? So I did the polite thing and smacked him round the head with a Fubar until he collapsed. It was truly a kind thing to do. Then he came back to life and bit me, in which time I used my medipack. A genuine sense of “should I use this now or later” is present throughout.

This is truly one of the best games to play with friends of all time. The best part about it is that it is free for everyone to play and enjoy. Sure, playing with people you don’t know is as fun, but playing with friends is a whole different experience. It’s what I like to call a water cooler game, similar to that of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or something of that level. A game that you can just talk about freely because every time you play it is very different.

Simply put, it is one of the best zombie video game experiences you will ever have. There is no hyperbole in that sentence, it literally is the best thing ever. Aside from the fact it is a free game, it’s just absolutely amazing. Also, there are no microtransactions, which is even better. To be fair why would there be any microtransactions in this game? What the actual hell are you planning on buying in this game.

Now, there are of course a couple of problems with the game. The biggest problem I can see other people having is the graphical options. Considering the game is based off of the source engine, you can’t really expect much, right? It uses a lot of assets from other Valve games much like Garry’s Mod and other source engine games do. Still, that’s not a problem for me. Sure, graphics can add a hell of a lot to a game, but for me it was the atmosphere that was important.

Since I’ve gone back to play this game for the review, there is a noticeable shift in the online community. Now I’m not saying the online community has gone downhill, but something has definitely changed. Survival is as shit as I remember it, don’t bother playing that. I never got into survival and I’m not sure why, just stick to the campaign style missions.

Anyways, that’s not the point, is it? What the point of this is though is that the online players are a bit worse. Not at the same skill level as they used to be, but that’s not a problem, is it? I suppose it’s up to more experienced players like myself to keep helping the new players. Either that or I can just beat them to death with a hammer.


While revisiting this game it is noticeable that the game is not at it’s peak anymore. Not in regard to the gameplay, which is still as fun, but in regard to the community. If you can play this game with friends then I would more than recommend it.

There was something so nostalgic about going back and playing this game after so long. It was like muscle memory, right back into the fray of things. There’s even been a few changes since I last played the game. Still, that doesn’t contract from how fun the game is, I mean it’s just one of those games. I can’t put into words how much fun this game actually is.

For some reason a lot of, if not all of the achievements are references to films and television. “It’s Always Sunny in Liverpool” and “They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara” were two of my favourites. I don’t even know why I’ve mentioned that, padding for the article probably. Either way when you’re unlocking those achievements keep an eye out for them.

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No More Room in Hell
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