The Sims 3

Why not do¬†The Sims 4? Because I don’t feel like shelling out forty damned quid on a game that is basically the same as the one I already own. You know what, it’s time for a bit of a look back at some older games. Originally I was going to play the Xbox 360 version of this game, but a few things came up. Firstly I remember how bloody terrible that game actually is. Secondly, my copy is wedged between¬†Pimp My Ride and¬†Where the Wild Things Are. Honestly I think touching either of those games would slap me right into a coma.

Also the main reason is that I’ve been wanting an excuse to play¬†The Sims 3 again. It’s more or less a guilty pleasure at this point. One of those games you’re going to be mocked for playing and will mock others for playing, even though everyone plays it. Still, I play¬†The Sims 3 for the same reason God creates natural disasters. Well, that’s a flawed statement given God doesn’t exist, but that’s not the point.

My point is that you really don’t want people to know you play¬†The Sims 3, do you? You never say to your mates on a night “Sorry, I’m playing¬†The Sims I’m busy right now”. I mean, you very well might have said this at some point in your life you sad prick. Either way though, it’s not really a mainstream game. It’s not even a game when you think about it is it?

Because what¬†The Sims 3 really is at it’s core is a time waster. You don’t see hardcore gamers in competitions playing¬†The Sims 3. But there’s something appealing about this not being a game that keeps me coming back to it. I think the main thing for me is that, it’s just a calm and relaxing experience. Something you can play without putting much thought into. A game you can boot up, kill a few hours on and just relax.

It helps then that the games soundtrack is genuinely quite relaxing. I would download the soundtrack onto my phone if I wasn’t a functioning member of society. But generally¬†The Sims has always had a nice soundtrack,¬†The Sims 3 is no exception. A lovely variety of tracks to listen to that overall add to the calm atmosphere of the game.

Obviously the most important part of¬†The Sims 3 is the designing and purchasing of houses. I do remember losing quite a few hours of my life simply to decorating houses. Honestly I’m not sure why this was something I did, but it was genuinely quite therapeutic. Something about seeing this virtual creation succeeding in purchasing more expensive things was just so elating. It was genuinely something to strive for. Honestly I think this does come down to the needs and aspirations system that the game has. A lot of the time it adds a little goal to go for.

Graphically the game is surprisingly nice. It’s not original by any means, but it’s a certain improvement over that of¬†The Sims 2. If I’m honest, I prefer these graphics over¬†The Sims 4 also, which goes for a much weirder and polished look. Still it only adds that much more to the game that it looks great. By any view, this is probably the most important part of the game. The fact that it actually looks nice is the reason this game is so popular in my opinion. Let’s face it, if it looked like shit then people arguably wouldn’t put so much time and effort into building and creating.

Speaking of which, the creativity available throughout the game is pretty large. I remember there being a specific lack in regard to your Sims, but for the most part there was nothing bad about the game. A certain lack in regard to hairstyles but if that really concerns you then you shouldn’t be allowed to play video games. In regard to furniture and so on, there are some definite varieties there. The fact you can basically change the colour and fabric of everything really adds to the game.

If anything it’s perfect for those that like designing houses. Although I’m terrible at it, there’s something very appealing surrounding that to me. I’m not sure what it is though. Just creating something and then slapping some furniture throughout is appealing. It’s relaxing in a certain way, a very tranquil game. Still, it’s not relaxing when your Sim is pissing themselves because there’s a dirty plate in front of the toilet. I swear to God I don’t know if they’re supposed to be stupid or not. If anything it’s really annoying but charming at the same time. Like looking after a Lemming really, isn’t it?


Overall then,¬†The Sims 3 still has the charm it did ever since it first came out. Honestly it’s a game with such unlimited potential you struggle to figure out what you want to do with it. If you’re like me, you do the same thing you every single time you load up the game. Make yourself and see how quickly you can get bored of playing. Quit the game for a few months and do it all over again.

I’ve never really been able to continuously play¬†The Sims for a long period of time, take that as you will. See it’s not a game, but something you can’t have on in the background either. You’ve probably heard the comments of “you’re simulating a life instead of your own”. That’s very true with¬†The Sims, but there’s something more appealing about making a pixelated version of yourself in an EA game achieve success instead.

No wonder it’s so popular, you can literally just live your own life in the span of a few days of playing. Graphically the game is still rather impressive and the amount to choose and do is extremely intriguing. Overall, definitely the better Sims game out of all of the others. Apart from¬†The Sims 2 for PSP, that shit was the bomb. I swear I need to buy a PSP again just so I can review that. Stay tuned for that one.

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The Sims 3
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