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For some reason, I’ve been playing a lot of EA games recently. First off was Star Wars Battlefront which was actually fairly good. Now I’ve gone back to play a bit of Battlefield 1. So no, I’m not playing more EA games, it just looks like I’m going through the Battlefield series. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. I can’t honestly think of any better way to spend my time. Sleeping? Nah, sleep is for the weak.

Still, either way, I’m reviewing Battlefield 1. This is almost like random. It’s as if I’d forgotten to plan out a game review and thought I should just review something I’ve been playing on and off. That’s not what I did, I’m just suggesting it might be what happened. Definitely didn’t happen of course, I always plan things in advance. Nevermind that though, on with the review we go.

The main aspect of Battlefield 1 really is the improvement in the graphical department of the game. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline‘s graphics. But compared to those two, this game just seems a lot more colourful and vibrant. It feels like there’s been a lack of creative restraint. Those involved with producing the game seem to have gone for as much detail as possible. In turn, they’ve created some impressive set pieces and interesting environments.

Arguably the most important part of a shooter is in fact the environment you’re battling in. That being said, the graphics of the game definitely do wonders. The large variety of maps available throughout is insanely varied. You can fight in snowy mountains, deserts, or just a generally vague looking castle bit. Either way, the changes of environment are not only well done, but extremely needed.

If you’re like me you’ll be chaining the game, one match after another. You may run into a few problems here like I did. Now don’t get me wrong, the multiplayer is actually quite a bit of fun. It’s a lot more fun with friends I’d say, but then again so are most, if not all games. Regardless of that though, there is a real struggle in actually trying to play with your friends.

The main problem was connection issues. Now me and my friend have no problem connecting to one another on every other game apart from this one. What usually happens is he manages to connect, then I have to wait about five minutes to join after. I won’t lie to you, it’s a genuine pain in the arse that put me off of playing the multiplayer as frequently. To have to sit through that shit every time I wanted to play a game with a friend was not something I fancied frequenting.

Every multiplayer game had a set of unique problems. Some of the time playing, I could overlook these. They were usually nothing major. However when problems such as not being able to actually play the game for the full match occurred, that’s when I was a little bothered. Still, for the most part if you can actually connect this game is quite fun.

Maybe this wouldn’t have been as bad if there was literally any memorable form of music available in the game. Sure, shooters don’t need to impact with their music. Nor is climactic music needed for many games these days, I get that. But there is something certainly lacking from Battlefield 1’s orchestral soundtrack.

Something that doesn’t do well either is the single player campaigns. Yes, plural. All of them were equally as boring and I don’t see why anyone would play them. Unless you wan’t the achievements of course. I suppose they do have the benefit of being small, contained stories. But for the most part not only did I not care, the missions were dull, lengthy and honestly just bland. One mission I remember is having to defend a village with a tank. Sounds fun, right? Well, if the tank didn’t control like arse and if the armour wasn’t made of tin foil, maybe. Maybe it would have been fun.

The game does of course capture the elements of World War 1 very well. For the most part it did feel historically accurate. I’m sure somebody can call me out on that one though. Even the weapons were pretty cool. There was a good mix of weaponry to be using. Even better than that was the fact that the majority of these weapons were in fact pretty balanced. For my sake, there are no over powered weapons to be found in the game. Obviously some weapons are better than others, but still. That’s really to be expected. The base weapons of the game are surprisingly well rounded and I just stuck with those for the most part.

The traditionally huge game modes stick around too, which is great. Having a good sixty four odd people running around a trench was damn amazing. It’s even better when you luck into a lobby of people actually working together. That’s about as regular as an eclipse though, don’t get your hopes up. For the most part it’s going to be players using horses as Kamikaze weapons and others just flying their plane out of bounds and jumping out just before. Still, pretty fun though.


To be fair, everyone was expecting Battlefield 1 to be good simply because it was a change from the norm. If it were just another modern warfare shooter, I don’t think anybody would have cared. Thankfully though, DICE and EA realised that this was an over saturated market. Call of Duty and Destiny have more than covered the ground of sci-fi shooters now. More than once as well, given that they’re fairly secure in the sense that they won’t make anything else.

That’s not a problem though, it gives companies an incentive to create something new. Battlefield 1 is a great example of what happens when a video game studio decides to do something new. It reinvented the series in some aspects, given that the whole gameplay change was so large. It was an excellent change too, I’d long gotten bored of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline. Thank God then that this came along when it did.

Although I do have a couple of problems with the multiplayer aspects and also the single player gameplay, I’d say Battlefield 1 more than holds its own. Aside from reinventing the series, it provides a very fun game. That’s what gaming is about, right? Having fun is something games should strive to do, and it’s great Battlefield 1 does this.

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Battlefield 1
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