Star Wars Battlefront

No, no I don’t mean the Star Wars Battlefront from the PS2 days. Not the game that you loved and cherished, one that formed your childhood. I mean the new one that came out a few years ago by now. Can’t have been that bad, right? I mean, sure, EA made it. Oh, EA made it. Well I mean I guess we’d better end the review there, that pretty much speaks for itself. As much as I would like to do that, I am now legally obligated to give you my one thousand words on this game.

Also this game cost me three pounds and seventy five of my pence so it’s absolutely getting reviewed. It’d be a waste of money otherwise. A lot of the games I review as of late were either received as gifts or bought for cheap. Considering this game’s season pass was completely free, I’m fairly impressed.

Not impressed as in by the game, but you know, waste not want not. I can’t complain all that much considering I got it so cheap. Guaranteed the reason for this is that Star Wars Battlefront II will be releasing soon. Either, way, here’s my review on Star Wars Battlefront. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun as I had with this game.

I’m very impressed with the game’s devotion to single player aspects if I’m honest. Given that this is the year 2017, I wasn’t expecting all that much in regards to single player. But no, there’s honestly a huge variety on offer for players. Not only does skirmish make a return, but there are a number of missions to play through too.

I’ll be honest, some of the missions were very hit and miss. Some of the survival modes I played were genuinely quite boring even on the higher difficulties. It wasn’t that they were bad, it was just the majority of your deaths will be down to cheap AI tactics. Nothing in the way of actual ground combat, but the game will just throw two TIE Fighters at you and giggle for a while. It really doesn’t help that they’re so difficult to shoot down either. A genuine pain in the arse.

Graphically though, the game is truly stunning. I know that’s come to be expected of most games now, but this is mind blowing. Even now, so many years after this game released, it looks better than stuff coming out today. Maybe it’s down to the vast and open ideas Star Wars can bring to a game. It allows for creativity to be stretched and taken advantage of. This is no clearer than in the design of many battlefields, which are in no short supply of detail. Honestly I was blown away by how impressive everything looks.

But no matter how good the terrain looks, it all comes down to how fun the gameplay is. In my opinion, yeah, it’s fairly good. My main issue is that some of the game modes are just pretty boring. Sure, they have put some genuine effort into them, but that doesn’t make them fun. I played around with Hero Rush for a bit but that never stuck with me. Three heroes on each time, the first team to wipe out the other three heroes wins. It certainly sounds like an interesting concept, but the execution is poor. Most rounds for me lasted maybe a minute or two, with the Sith winning most of the time.

I wouldn’t say there are balancing issues within the game, but there are certainly balancing issues. Either that or I’m genuinely quite bad at the game. Let’s be fair, it’s going to be the second one, isn’t it? Still, I tried my best and played a few rounds of everything. Of course the best mode is the giant 20 vs. 20 matches you can have. What else would be the best mode to play? It’s not gonna be Hero Rush I can tell you that for free.

Although I hate playing video games online these days, I couldn’t help but keep going back to Battlefront’s multiplayer options. There was something addictive about blowing people up with an Ion rocket launcher. Regardless of what it was, Star Wars Battlefront is definitely responsible for re-kindling my love for multiplayer games. Any game that can do that does deserve some level of praise.

Let’s not go too crazy though, there are still issues. One of my major issues with the game is that, well, I’m not very good at it. Considering the game has been out for so long, everyone else has the best equipment. I’m running around with piss weak grenades while everyone else has thruster packs and orbital strikes. Presumably it’s all about the team effort, but I don’t think EA understand that they’re dealing with a shitty community. There was a great deal of imbalance at times throughout the game. Nothing can be done about that.


The game most certainly isn’t bad. The aforementioned glossy graphics will be enough for fans of Star Wars to soil themselves with giddy glee. To be honest, me, someone who vaguely knows Star Wars, can still very much enjoy this game. The gameplay at times can be very fun, especially with friends. But like a lot of games from EA, the problems are clear and definitely there.

Really all EA had to do was make a faithful return to the series. As long as they did that then they’d be golden. Did they do that? I’d honestly say that they did. From what I’ve played they’ve managed to capture the fun I had on the original versions of the game. Obviously given that the times have changed, there are a few problems, but everything else is great. Mind blowing graphics, some fun game modes and a genuine focus and care given for the single player. It’d be hard not to recommend Star Wars Battlefront.

Yes, I know, I’m honestly as surprised as you are about an EA game being good. If anything, this has got me looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront II. I’m sure I’ll play that in about four years time. Right around when the third one is announced then, great!

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Star Wars Battlefront
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