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Why you can’t trust the critics, or the public


Contradiction. What does that word actually mean to you? In essence it’s one idea that doesn’t match up with another. But at the same time, it’s the reason we can’t trust the news, or each other. Trust is a very valuable thing when it comes to the transferring of information. So right now we live in a society where nobody can trust one another. This isn’t just in politics, which will be the focus of this article though.

Games journalism specifically has gone through some rough changes these past years. With regards to GamerGate, something I still don’t quite understand. As a whole, the business is fairly shaky. That may honestly be one of the reasons I’ve started to distance myself from games journalism. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, but there’s just so much disagreement it’s not worth the hassle. As far as I’m aware the field I’m in right now has a lot of trust issues, especially politically. But why is this? More importantly, what can we do to change this?

Well, nothing is the answer. There is no real answer to that question. So what we should be asking is who can we really trust for our news? Believe me, that’s a much more difficult question than you think. Which sites to choose and which people to listen to, it’s what pulls your understanding of the world together.

Fake news

This is something that has surged in the past year or so. Fake news is a neologism. It basically refers to pieces of news that have been fabricated. In the most basic of terms, it’s all about lies. A lie that is pushed a news. But it has so much more meaning to it than that in the current climate. Right now fake news goes as far as to the idea that we should challenge the news from larger corporations.

Gone are the days where we just blindly trust the BBC and Sky News. The honest question I have though is whether it’s preferable to conform to what the news says or challenge it. Either way you’re wrong. When it comes to major news stories, it’s very difficult to get a story that isn’t opinionated. If I were to do a political story it’d be very left wing. I’m so far left wing you’d think I’d lost my right leg.

Anyways, within the wider news, especially in the UK and US, there are political leanings of news channels. I’ll be the first to say it, this shouldn’t be a thing. If we want a free press then we do have to give them the right to boast a political opinion, but not to present certain aspects of this as fact. I’m not trying to start a fight, but right wing news sources from my point of view are far less credible than any others. Utter the words “Fox News” and people will probably smirk and think of Bill O’Reilly having a mental breakdown.

Political leaning and correctness

One of the major problems in the news currently is the afformentioned point of political leanings. But that’s not the only problem, political correctness can be a problem in of itself. Now I’m not suggesting we don’t treat each other with respect, but I do think we need to take a much tougher stance on certain issues within the media.

Quite recently, now notable Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg went on live, non-government owned air on ITV. He had a verbal fight with Piers Morgan in which he said he was against abortion in all regards including rape and incest. For those that live in the modern day, I’m fairly sure we’re all pro-abortion, I mean I am but I’m not sure on others. Either way, to say that when you’re apparently looking to lead the country is not a good idea.

Let’s be fair though, why would they give a platform to someone who would speak such drivel? Well everyone is allowed to have an opinion, right? That is the case, yes, but why give a platform to something that clearly doesn’t fit in with societal norms? Not just because it brings in the ratings, but because those who agree with what he says are now given a larger platform to speak up. I’m not saying we should silence them, not at all, but to have that view in a modern society is genuinely ridiculous in mine and many others opinions.

Who can we trust?

The real question then is who within the media can we actually trust? Every day we get new media personalities, along with older ones leaving. For me, it’s important you get a good mix of who you listen and watch. If you’re watching nothing but Info Wars and Fox News you’ll probably be wearing a tinfoil hat. On the flip side though if you’re watching nothing but CNN and far left stuff then you’ll be a soft shit in the eyes of the right.

So what is the perfect mix? Who exactly can we trust? Comedians are a fairly safe bet if you want a more comedic look into the news. Notably The Jim Jefferies ShowLast Week Tonight and Have I Got News for You. But you can’t rely on comedians to give you the news on a daily basis now can you? Which actual news presenters and journalists can we trust?

It’s all down to personal preference, but for me, it’s a select few. Louis Theroux, Jeremy Paxman, Robert Peston and my wildcard, Piers Morgan. That’s a good mix right there. Obviously Theroux is more away from politics as the rest of them, but as for the other three you get a good blend from their work. By “their work” I mean the books they have written, the shows they have presented and so on. You have to be specific with who you trust to get your news from, because someone like Alex Jones, a genuine nut, is not someone you can really be trusting. More on him in a different article though, he’s an incredibly strange man.