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Why do people like Alex Jones?


Who actually is Alex Jones? To me, he’s a genuine idiot and someone that shouldn’t have been given a news programme. He’s a hateful bullshit pedlar who has become a meme in every sense of the word. From turning the frogs gay with water to Sandy Hook being a hoax, Alex Jones has come out with some extremely stupid “opinions”. But for some reason, people like him.

Unlike my “investigations” into Piers Morgan, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage, I’ve tried my best to converse with others. Those that dislike Alex Jones and also receive news from him, I’ve talked to both sides. What have I learnt? Sod all if I’m honest, but I do want to present why some people like Alex Jones. Also, why the majority of people think he’s a loony that should stick to daytime talk shows.

Who is Alex Jones

Alex Jones is a far right radio talk show host, prominently featured on Info Wars. You’ll know what Info Wars is, there’s no doubt about that. If not, I’ll explain that also I suppose. Basically, Info Wars is Alex Jones’ radio show, where he peddles his bullshit claims to a general audience. Highlights include ripping his shirt off, yelling into his microphone and being an all round tit of the highest order.

Currently, Info Wars is considered a fake news website by Wikipedia, political journalists and analysts and pretty much the majority of the public. But what about those people that don’t fit into any of those categories. What do they get out of watching Info Wars and tuning in to listen to Alex Jones? Well that’s the question I want to answer now isn’t it. I probably won’t get round to answering that question, it’ll just be one long tangent. Still, we can try now can’t we?

The question we need to ask is what is Alex Jones’ job? He’s not a journalist, because journalists work with fact, not fiction. See, he bases his claims on nothing but opinion, and a daft opinion at that. He believes Obama is the leader of Al-Qaeda. Does he have any facts to base this on? No, he’s just appealing to morons and people who like conspiracies. He also believes in a New World Order. This man must live in constant, but hilarious fear. It’s an eerie thought really, isn’t it? He genuinely believes what he says, and that must be difficult for him.

Noted works

The first time Alex Jones really graced the media bubble for me was when he yelled at Piers Morgan. From there he seems to give off the reception of a genuine madman. He’s all for the legal right to own guns, presumably he’s one of those people that believes all life is sacred unless it steps on his property.

Can you really call his radio show a notable work? The last notable thing I remember Alex Jones doing was chasing after people in New York and having coffee thrown at him. I mean, if that’s considered notable then his career is just star spangled in every sense of the word. He rips his shirt off, smokes cigars and basically looks like a shaved gibbon as he panders to the alt-right.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where Alex Jones stands in regards to politics. He’s definitely right wing, but he’s a strange blend of numerous different types of conservatism. Any blend of conservatism is a bad blend in my view, so Alex Jones is pretty bad as well.

Fake News

Fake news is as common in the media as actual news now. It doesn’t help then that we have asshats like Alex Jones running around screeching fake news at every chance he gets. He’s not a journalist, let’s make that clear. He’s an entertainer is what he is, and not a very good one either. Fun fact, he’s a “documentary” maker of some sorts. Go check his Wikipedia page, I’m presuming that’s all fake news as well.

Oddly enough, through all of this nonsense, he still manages to make a success. It’s genuinely impossible to figure out whether people genuinely believe him or if it’s just that they find him funny. That’s probably where a lot of his viewership comes from, right? People tuning in to laugh at him. I did it once but when I realised what I was listening to I switched off.

So the problem that Alex Jones and his show, Info Wars have is that they are not a news source. They’re similar to Breitbart in that sense. Not news in any sense of the word. They have an agenda to support, and they’re going to do it in whichever way they please. Some of it legal, some of it morally questionable. Whatever the case, they’ll do it because they can, and it helps their agenda.


Really, Alex Jones is the embodiment of the new age of fake news. Like I said earlier, his main aim is to peddle bullshit as much as possible. It keeps him relevant. He’s an American version of Katie Hopkins, but not even Alex Jones is as bad as her. Well, I’d say about the same levels of arsehole. They’re out there to get a reaction, either positive or negative. It doesn’t matter how few facts they have, they’ll get a reaction.

Even me writing this article could be considered what Alex Jones really wants. He wants attention, as much as possible, right? His views are undeniably shared by little to no persons in this entire world. Does anyone else really think that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax? Truly, does anyone believe that the government created homosexuality? Alex Jones does. He really does believe that in every sense of the word. It’s eerie at best.

His show isn’t political opinion or anything of the norm, it’s a centre for conspiracy theorists. That’s what Alex Jones does. He talks theories that don’t make sense in the slightest. But, to be fair, the political state of the world doesn’t make sense right now. Neither does Alex Jones, and that’s probably why his show is so damned popular.